Board meeting 27 May 2021 Communique

Last updated: 14 September 2022

The SV Board has always been proud of the work of our SV team, and this board meeting really showed a next level commitment to help Victorians achieve zero net waste and zero net carbon.

Over the last 12 months, SV has released and assessed seven grant programs under the Recycling Victoria policy, representing over $45 million in government investment and leveraging an additional $77 million to support Victoria’s transition to a circular economy – a huge delivery effort and great support from everyone in Victoria.

While our team continues to go above and beyond, this board meeting did mark a change for our Board, as we farewelled our Board Chair, Vicky Darling, whose time on the Board ends on 9 June 2021. Vicky joined the Board in June 2016 and has ably led the Board as interim Chairperson since 1 July 2021. Under Vicky’s leadership the Board:

  • reviewed its operations to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • implemented the Recycling Victoria policy, including a significant increase in staff
  • oversaw the development of SV2030, Sustainability Victoria’s strategic plan.

The Board also farewelled Sarah Clarke, who has been a member of the Board since July 2017 and Deputy Chairperson since 1 July 2019. She will continue to serve the Victorian community as a member of the boards of Cladding Victoria and Homes Victoria. The Board thanks both for their contributions – and looks forward to welcoming some new faces and a new Board Chair shortly.

Key highlights of this meeting included:

  • approval of a draft of SV2030, for external engagement across government and stakeholders and community consultation via the Engage Victoria website
  • a focus on stewardship with planning for the FY2021-22 budget underway
  • a program milestone with 744 home energy upgrades delivered to disadvantaged householders through the Victorian Healthy Homes program.

Reflecting Sustainability Victoria’s reach across the Victorian community, the Board also received the following updates:

  • Our much-loved ResourceSmart Schools program’s Schools of the Future Challenge, where students can create and share their visions for a sustainable future, with 15 schools to be awarded $1,000 each to further their sustainability goals at school.
  • Sixty-nine out of 79 Victorian Councils have registered for campaign labs designed to build the capability of councils, alpine resorts and waste and resource recovery groups to deliver recycling and behaviour change campaigns in their local communities.

We can’t wait to hear the future successes for both ResourceSmart schools and our Council partners over coming meetings!