Board meeting 22 September 2021 Communique

Last updated: 14 September 2022

Today the Sustainability Victoria Board held its fifth meeting of the year. A brief summary of the meeting is presented below.

CEO Claire Ferres Miles provided a comprehensive report of program delivery against milestones. Despite challenges posed by COVID-19 restrictions currently in place, programs are tracking well and are largely on schedule.

Delivery continues for Healthy Homes, Detox Your Home, Small Business Energy Saver, and ResourceSmart Schools programs, albeit at varying speeds due to lockdown restrictions in each region.

SV is supporting the Minister to engage with local Councils on delivering circular economy initiatives, with a key focus on Kerbside Transition and the Container Deposit Scheme.

The release of SV2030 is scheduled for the end of 2021 and is currently in the consultation phase with stakeholder engagement sessions underway ahead of the public release.

ABC Radio has invited Claire Ferres Miles to be a regular guest on Libbi Gorr’s Saturday morning program ‘This Weekend Life’. A recent interview covered ‘alternatives to plastic – the storage rather than the food, and what is being researched? Staying ahead of the curve’. The next interview is scheduled for Saturday 29 October.

The Board endorsed the Risk Management Framework which is formally reviewed annually ensuring SV meets the minimum risk management standards and demonstrates effective risk management. The Board also discussed timing and agenda for an upcoming strategy meeting in December.