Victorian organics resource recovery strategy

Last updated: 16 September 2022

The Victorian Organics Resource Recovery Strategy was released in 2015 as a key priority of delivering the Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan (SWRRIP).

The Victorian Government has announced their circular economy policy, Recycling Victoria: a new economy.

This policy has reset the Victorian Government’s priorities and superseded our strategy for organics management over the next 10 years.

Our priorities

We work with industry and government to:

  • realise the full economic value of organic waste
  • address current challenges in organics management
  • advance technologies and improve treatment and processing of organics
  • enhance markets for recycled organics
  • establish a thriving organics recovery and processing industry that maximises value through higher quality products, materials and alternative uses.

The objectives set out in the original strategy will continue to guide our work under Recycling Victoria.

We will contribute to strengthening the recycling sector through building on our current programs and developing new initiatives.

Recycling Victoria

Recycling Victoria is the Victorian Government’s circular economy policy. It will guide us to deliver programs to:

  • fundamentally transform our recycling sector
  • reduce waste
  • create thousands of jobs
  • set Victoria up for a more sustainable future.

Recycling Victoria provides a consistent and coordinated approach to better manage organic waste.

Through the $30 million Recycling Victoria Recycling Markets Acceleration package we will support local and attract new manufacturers to make new products using recycled materials.

Recycling Victoria’s organics priorities will supersede our existing priorities. They are to:

  • develop new organics products through research and development
  • develop, promote and support standards, specifications and guidance materials
  • build sustainable agricultural and urban amenity markets for recycled organics.

These priorities can be found under the Recycling Markets Acceleration package (8.1) in the Recycling Victoria policy.


Organics Guide

Our guide provides an overview of our ongoing organics priorities and direction under Recycling Victoria. Our organics guide supports our strategic decisions and organics program development.

Our organics guide includes six recommendations from a rigorous and independent review of our organics strategy:

  • drive food waste avoidance and support food donation
  • increase on-site and small-scale collaborative recovery solutions
  • transition green organics services to food organics
  • reduce and manage contamination using a supply chain approach
  • build greater capacity, diversity and access to food processing
  • create value and standards for organic waste derived agricultural products.

These recommendations were assessed and incorporated into the future strategic direction for organics which will be continued under Recycling Victoria.

Victorian Organics Resource Recovery Strategy

This strategy provides a statewide approach for government, business/industry and the community to better manage organic wastes.

Social research: Perceptions of recycled organic products – Summary of Key Findings

May 2018