Victorian market development strategy for recovered resources

Last updated: 19 September 2022

The Victorian Market Development Strategy for Recovered Resources was released in 2016 as a key priority of delivering the Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan (SWRRIP).

The Victorian Government has announced their circular economy policy, Recycling Victoria: a new economy.

This policy has reset the Victorian Government’s priorities and superseded our strategy for market development over the next ten years.

Our priorities

We work with industry, government and research institutions to:

  • drive innovation in design and production of products made from recovered resources
  • build strong markets for recycled materials
  • stimulate the development of new recycled products
  • build confidence in the sector.

The objectives set out in the original strategy will continue to guide our work under Recycling Victoria. We will contribute to strengthening the recycling sector through building on our current programs and developing new initiatives.

Recycling Victoria

Recycling Victoria is the Victorian Government’s circular economy policy. It will guide us to deliver programs to:

  • fundamentally transform our recycling sector
  • help businesses to grow in new ways and create new sectors
  • design products to last, repair and recycle
  • encourage researchers and businesses to collaborate
  • expand existing innovation programs
  • set Victoria up for a more sustainable future.

Recycling Victoria provides a consistent and coordinated approach to support the right conditions for markets of recycled materials to grow and mature.

Through the $30 million Recycling Victoria Recycling Markets Acceleration package we will help identify new uses for recycled products and make it easier for the products to be used.

Recycling Victoria’s market development priorities will complement our existing priorities. They are to:

These priorities can be found under the Recycling Markets Acceleration package (8.1) in the Recycling Victoria policy.

The market development guide

The market development guide will support our strategic decisions and program development.

For more information

Victorian Market Development Strategy for Recovered Resources

1 May 2016 – The strategy was developed to help grow the resource recovery market, which will strengthen our recycling capability, save natural resources and improve our sustainability.

Draft Strategy Consultation Summary

1 January 2016 – What SV learned from the consultation period into market development for resource recovery.

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