Our environmental management system

Last updated: 21 February 2021

Walking the talk

To guide our actions and help Sustainability Victoria achieve sustainable outcomes within our own operations, we have an Environment Management System (EMS) and a documented Sustainability policy.

An EMS is a tool for managing the impacts of activities on the environment. It provides a structured approach to planning and implementing environment protection measures.

Our office fit-out

Sustainability Victoria's office, in Melbourne's CBD, is a leading example of a sustainable tenancy designed and constructed at a commercially viable rate.

Sustainability Victoria's Corporate Sustainability Program

Our Corporate Sustainability program, supported by our Environmental Management System (EMS), underpins our commitment to continuously improve our water, energy and paper use, waste management and transport. Leading and demonstrating by example how organisations can improve their own environmental performance through sustainable resource use and employee behaviours. We will continue to apply innovative techniques and technologies to improve our performance, share our learnings and experience with other organisations.

Our Environment Management System

We will endeavour to continually reduce our ecological footprint by:

  • minimising the production of greenhouse gases through efficient practices of energy usage in the office environment, commuting and use of vehicles
  • offsetting all residual greenhouse gas emissions to achieve a carbon neutral organisation
  • purchasing with waste avoidance, closing the recycling loop with reduction of environmental impacts in mind
  • striving towards zero waste to landfill through waste reduction, reuse and recycling
  • minimising the use of water
  • engaging with suppliers and stakeholders to reduce the lifecycle impacts of our operations and products
  • training and supporting staff to work within the EMS and achieve the desired outcomes.

More information

EMS Certificate of conformity 2020–2023

EMS Certificate of conformity 2020–2023