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pile of spray cans for disposal

Tonnes of dangerous chemicals now out of circulation

Buying a new home often comes with a few surprises, as Royce Doherty of St Leonards was recently reminded when he found several large containers of unidentified liquids in his garage.

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Paul Hawken

Renewables focus not the most important says leading environmentalist

The author of Drawdown - the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming argues that many things need to be done, each with specific benefits, but building to a big payoff.

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Staff from South Melbourne Market accept their award

South Melbourne Market's worm poo and on-site composting an award-winning mix

The South Melbourne Market’s work to recycle tonnes of food, vegetable and other waste, and other sustainable practices is cutting business costs and greenhouses gas emissions.

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People collecting rubbish

In The Know - Monthly newsletter

In The Know - Newsletter - Why it's more important than ever that Victorians keep recycling + How to tell if your office needs an energy efficiency upgrade + National Litter Index results for Victoria + MORE

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Children riding bikes on footpath

Recovered plastics and glass can be used in concrete footpaths: new research

In Victoria, it is estimated that approximately 100,000 tonnes of flexible plastics end up in landfill annually, and of the 250,000 tonnes of glass waste produced each year only 48% is recovered for recycling.

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Nightingale housing project

Sustainable Housing on the rise – Nightingale Housing secures SV grant

Success in last year’s Premier’s Sustainability Awards is paying off for Nightingale Housing, a not-for-profit program that offers a new vision for residential developments and city living

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Resource recovery plant

SV considers 45 submissions for $5million of the Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund

Sustainability Victoria is currently considering 45 submissions for Round 2 funding from the State Government’s $13.6 million Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund

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Crowd sitting at tables eating lunch at the 2017 Great Local Lunch

Much to be gleaned from the Great Local Lunch

Around 250 people took part in yesterday’s free four-course feast which featured produce that was home-grown across Melbourne, salvaged locally and even included natural herbs and bitter greens picked from urban fields.

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Kerbside recycling bin

Victorians encouraged to continue recycling

China recently announced it will restrict some recycling imports, so it’s more important than ever for Victorians to recycle correctly.

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Cooking ingredients

From waste to wonderful

This aspiring cooking show presenter has a small business running cooking demonstrations to show how we can use food that might otherwise be thrown out.

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