Premier's Sustainability Awards – Terms and Conditions of Entry

Last updated: 28 March 2022

Privacy Statement

Sustainability Victoria collect your personal information using Informed365 and we will use and disclose your personal information for the purpose of administering these Awards in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and Sustainability Victoria’s Privacy Statement. We will also share your information with our partners, Banksia Foundation and Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria, who are managing the Awards on our behalf. In submitting your information, you agree to Informed365 Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Informed365 databases are maintained securely and managed subject to Australian privacy legislation requirements. If you have any questions relating to our use of your information or wish to seek access to the personal information which we hold about you, please contact us in writing addressed to:

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1. These Terms and Conditions of Entry (Terms and Conditions) include the information and instructions in the online submission form and any award details. By submitting an entry, Entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Upon submission and subject to clause 18, entries become the property of Sustainability Victoria and will not be returned. This clause 2 does not affect ownership in any pre-existing intellectual property contained in the entries.
  3. To enter the Awards, Entrants need to log on to Informed365 and follow the online submission instructions. In order for an entry to be valid, all entry fields must be completed and entries must otherwise comply with the requirements of these Terms and Conditions including format, content, lodgement method, closing time as well as Sustainability Victoria's ICT acceptable usage policy for external users. Illegible, incomplete, late or non compliant entries are invalid and will not be accepted.
  4. Entrants will be required to create a user account (User Account) to submit their entries. By creating a User Account, entrants agree:
    1. that they are authorised to create a User Account on behalf of their organisation and agree to these Terms and Conditions;
    2. to provide complete and accurate information when creating a User Account; and
    3. that they are responsible for all activities that occur under the User Account, unless these activities arise due to Sustainability Victoria’s fault or negligence.
  5. Entrants warrant that the information in the entry and attachments is to the best of their knowledge true and correct, and does not contain any defamatory or offensive content or infringe third party intellectual property rights and that they will notify Sustainability Victoria of any changes to the information and any circumstances that may affect the entry. Sustainability Victoria reserves the right to verify the validity of entries and may disqualify an entrant or an entry if it discovers or determines that an entry does not comply with these Terms and Conditions, an entrant has provided dishonest or incorrect information in its entry or that an entry contains defamatory or offensive content or infringes third party intellectual property rights.
  6. Sustainability Victoria employees and their immediate families and Sustainability Victoria’s contractors associated with the Awards are not eligible to submit entries, either in their personal capacity on behalf of a company or organisation.
  7. Entrants must carry on business in Victoria and demonstrate that the activities and results associated with the entry were performed within Victoria.
  8. Entrants must meet the eligibility criteria as outlined on Sustainability Victoria’s website and during the online submission process.
  9. Entrants may only submit one entry per category.
  10. At its sole discretion, Sustainability Victoria reserves the right to determine the eligibility of entries and award the Awards. Sustainability Victoria may exclude an entrant if awarding the Award to that entrant would be inconsistent with Sustainability Victoria’s general objectives. In the case of disputes regarding the awarding of Awards, Sustainability Victoria’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Sustainability Victoria reserves the right to change the category or eligibility of an Award, omit the awarding of winners for a category or award joint winners. Sustainability Victoria’s failure to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights.
  11. Sustainability Victoria, its partners, sponsors, judges, staff and contractors shall not be held liable for any reason whatsoever resulting from its adjudication in good faith of entries made in any of the Awards.
  12. If the Awards are interfered with in any way, are not capable of being conducted as reasonably anticipated due to any reason beyond Sustainability Victoria’s reasonable control or where Sustainability Victoria is required or directed to do so by the Victorian Government, Sustainability Victoria reserves the right, in its sole discretion and to the fullest extent permitted by law, to modify, suspend, terminate or cancel the Awards. Where Sustainability Victoria reasonably believes any changes will have a negative impact, Sustainability Victoria will use reasonable endeavours to provide entrants with up to two weeks prior written notice.
  13. Entrants agree that if they are a finalist in the Awards, they must have a representative attend the Awards event to receive the award in the event that they win.
  14. Sustainability Victoria may require the finalists and winners of the Awards to participate in marketing and promotional activities, including but not limited to media exposure and promotion of future Awards without any payment or other compensation. If requested, finalists and winners will provide all reasonable assistance and cooperation to Sustainability Victoria in the preparation of case studies and other material or promotion of the Awards or Sustainability Victoria’s use generally.
  15. Winners and finalists may promote themselves as winners or finalists of the Awards (as applicable) by use of the Awards logo in accordance with Sustainability Victoria’s directions and guidelines.
  16. Entrants acknowledge that Sustainability Victoria is subject to the 'Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic)'. If a Freedom of Information request is made, Sustainability Victoria will consult with the entrant before any decision is made to release the entry or supporting documentation.
  17. Entrants agree that Sustainability Victoria may contact them during and after the Awards to seek information or comments about the Awards. Entrants acknowledge that Sustainability Victoria may refer entries to external contractors or other Government departments for assessment, reporting or advice. Entrants acknowledge that Sustainability Victoria collects, uses and discloses their personal information in order to process entries and as specified on the Awards website and during the online submission process Sustainability Victoria will handle personal information collected in accordance with its Privacy policy and the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic).
  18. Sustainability Victoria may use, modify, adapt, publish and reproduce the intellectual property (except for any confidential information) in entries (including any material provided by Entrants in support of entries at any time) in connection with the awards or the broader general objectives of Sustainability Victoria. Entrants warrant that (except where certain information is identified as confidential) entries do not contain any confidential information. Entrants also warrant that they hold all necessary rights, consents and permissions to provide any personal information (including images of people) and to license the intellectual property contained in their entries on the terms set out in this clause. The licence given by entrants pursuant to this clause extends to the entrants’ background intellectual property only insofar as such background intellectual property is included in the entry itself.
  19. Entrants are required to declare all actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest in their entry and advise Sustainability Victoria immediately if they become aware of any conflict of interest that arises subsequently.
  20. Sustainability Victoria accepts no responsibility for late, lost or misdirected entries or for any technical difficulties or periods of unavailability of the Awards website.
  21. Sustainability Victoria will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever (including but not limited to direct or consequential loss) or for any personal injury suffered or sustained, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, in connection with the conduct of the Awards except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.
  22. Entrants are required to declare any penalties or notices they have received from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) or WorkSafe for any breaches of the 'Environment Protection Act 2017', 'Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004', 'Accident Compensation Act 1985' or of any other environmental, OH&S, safety or other legislation or regulations (“Safety Laws”) in the last 10 years. Entrants are also required to declare any current investigations, notices, prosecutions, pending prosecutions or enforcement action against them arising out of a breach or possible breach of any Safety Laws. This obligation continues for a year after the Awards event.
  23. Entrants acknowledge that Sustainability Victoria may, if the entrant’s entry is short listed as a finalist for an Award, undertake confidential checks with EPA, WorkSafe or other regulators about the entrant’s environmental, OH&S, safety or other regulatory performance. Entrants may be excluded if Sustainability Victoria determines that an entrant’s recent record in relation to Safety Laws is unacceptable for the purposes of the Awards.
  24. Entrants must not do anything that may damage, bring into disrepute or ridicule Sustainability Victoria’s name, messages or reputation, or attract public or media attention which may be prejudicial or otherwise detrimental to Sustainability Victoria’s name, messages or reputation. In particular, entrants must ensure compliance with all equal employment, occupational health and safety and environmental laws.
  25. Entrants agree they may be subjected to an independent third party financial viability check if required by Sustainability Victoria.
  26. While all care has been taken in preparing the online submission process, Sustainability Victoria does not warrant the accuracy of the online submission process and accepts no liability for any deficiency within the online submission process.