Premier's Sustainability Awards – How to enter

Last updated: 14 September 2022

Entries for the 2022 Premier's Sustainability Awards are now closed. If you missed out on getting your entry in this year, they will open in early 2023.

To be ready to submit a competitive entry in 2023:

  • watch the Information session video
  • review the award categories and types
  • start collecting your results and data.

The 6 award categories represent exceptional sustainability outcomes that can be delivered by projects and initiatives, and link to the globally-accepted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

1. Choose an award category

To choose the right category, consider your initiative and what outcome it is trying to achieve.

  • Circular economy innovation – accelerating Victoria’s transition to a more circular economy.
  • Future energy – helping Victoria transition to net zero emissions and provides clean, affordable, and secure energy.
  • Healthy and fair society – increasing awareness and provide support for physical/mental health, equity, and well-being of all Victorians.
  • Sustainable places and destinations – creating sustainable and resilient communities, environments, and economies.
  • Thriving environment – protecting or enhancing Victoria’s natural environment.
  • Waste and litter reduction – enabling responsible production and consumption of resources, minimise what goes into landfills, and reduce litter.

For more information on the categories and examples of initiatives, refer to Award categories.

Not sure which category or award type to choose?

We will help you choose the most suitable category and award type.


Stream 1 Industry Leader – Banksia Foundation


Phone: 0419 101 248

Stream 2 Community Champion - Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria


Phone: 0419 549 798

2. Watch the information session

Watch the 2022 information session to hear some helpful tips and hints about the application process to be ready for 2023.

3. Your entry

Entries for the Premier’s Sustainability Awards are required to enter projects that have demonstrable results between 2020-2022. Initiatives with activity over a longer period will be considered if there are significant new results or changes that have occurred 2020-2022.

Entry submissions are completed through our online portal. You will be asked to provide the following 4 elements to complete your entry:

  1. The submission document – this is the primary information that the judges will use to evaluate your entry (maximum 1,500 words).
  2. Two PR summaries – these will be used for promotional purposes and are not judged (maximum 150 words and 500 words).
  3. Images – a minimum of three images that illustrate your initiative (minimum 300dpi).
  4. Further supporting documents – examples include testimonials, sustainability reports, media coverage, videos, and graphs etc. (these are optional).

The most successful entries:

  • tell their story clearly
  • explain the broader and lasting value of the initiative
  • express their passion for sustainability
  • provide relevant, clear supporting evidence materials.


Entries open Monday 28 March 2022
Information session - key insights into entering Monday 4 April 2022
Entries close Sunday 1 May 2022
Judging completed by Tuesday 31 May 2022
Finalists announced by Wednesday 3 August 2022
Winners announced Tuesday 20 September 2022

Why enter the awards?

Entering is easy and free: The submission process is simple to complete and our team can assist you with any queries you may have.

Pathways to national sustainability awards: Community Leader winners will have a pathway to the national KABV awards program, and all winners will be eligible for the National Banksia Foundation Awards.

Publicity: If you go on to become a finalist, a media release will be written and distributed on your behalf, and social media content provided.

Media outreach includes:

  • sustainability media
  • local councils
  • industry
  • representative bodies
  • suburban and regional media
  • social media channels.

All publicity materials are provided to finalists. Receive public recognition at the highest level in the state.

Share the learnings: The awards are a great platform to tell your inspiring story and to hear from others. Entrants are among the most innovative sustainability leaders in Victoria. You’ll be sure to learn something new.

Be recognised: Attain acknowledgement for the innovative work, expertise and vision demonstrated by your organisation. Enhance your community standing and corporate reputation by demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

Review and reflect: Entering the awards is a great opportunity to reflect on the successes you and your organisation have achieved in sustainability. It's also a great way to demonstrate to your staff that their efforts in sustainability are publicly recognised.

Networking opportunities: If you are a finalist, you’ll be invited to attend the awards ceremony, where you’ll have a chance to network with environmental, industry and government groups and industry peers. You will also be able to connect with a large alumni network run by the Banksia Foundation.

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