Household waste

Reduce, reuse, recycle first.

Detail of a pile of broken wooden chairs

Recycling is not limited to our kerbside recycling bin. Many household items can be reused or recycled, to reduce landfill and greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources.

High angle view of AA battery tops


Batteries contain valuable and toxic materials, so it's important we recycle them and keep them out of landfill.

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Electronic waste - six old flourescent tubes

Fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lights contain a small amount of mercury, so it's important to dispose of them responsibly.

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A stack of tins of paint in a shed


Dispose of paint responsibly and protect human and environmental health.

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Detox your Home logo over a photo of discarded plastic bottles

Detox your home

Rid your home of dangerous and toxic waste responsibly, with the free Detox your home program.

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Panorama of Yarra Glen amongst green fields of the Yarra Valley

Council waste and recycling

Household paint, batteries and fluorescent lights can be dropped off for free. Check with your local council for details.

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