How to reduce your summer energy bills

Close-up of a hand-held controller with an air conditioner in the background

Staying cool and comfortable in summer doesn’t need to be expensive. There are many simple ways to stay cool and comfortable while saving on your energy bills.

1. Shade and draught-proof your windows

Stop the sun from passing through your windows and keep the heat out in summer.

  • Close your curtains during the day to keep the heat out
  • Use external shading to keep the sun off the windows
  • Cover skylights

Draughts account for around 12% of summer heat gains through hot air coming in during the day. If using an air conditioner, make sure you close your doors and windows and seal up gaps and cracks.

As soon as the temperature outside is cooler than inside, open your doors and windows to cool down your home in summer.

2. Choose and use your cooler wisely

If you are buying a new cooling system, compare running costs over the lifetime of the product with our Energy Rating Calculator.

There are two main types of cooling systems:

When you are operating your cooling system, set the thermostat at 24–26 degrees – every degree lower will increase cooling costs by 10%.

Use your cooling systems efficiently, by turning it off at night, when you’re out and when you’re away on holiday.

3. Insulate to stay cool

Over 40% of Victorian homes have inadequate ceiling insulation, allowing unwanted heat inside during summer.

Adding wall insulation offers further energy savings of at least 15.5% and adds the equivalent of nearly one star to the overall energy rating.

Bulk insulation is one of the smartest ways to save money on energy bills.

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