Energy and water ratings

energy rating label

Energy rating labels

Energy rating labels are an Australian Government requirement on new appliances, making it easy to compare running costs. By buying more energy and water efficient appliances you can reduce your household bills and help the environment.

Low score saves more

The lower the energy consumption score, the less electricity the appliance uses, and the cheaper it will be to run.

More stars, more savings

When comparing similar sized products look for more stars and save money. Every extra star will save you 30% on dishwashers, 25% on washing machines and dryers, and 20% on TVs and fridges when it comes to running costs.

  • TVs, refrigerators/freezers and air conditioners are rated from one to ten stars.
  • Dishwashers, washing machines and dryers are rated from one to six stars.

The labels also contain the appliance’s average energy consumption, so that you can compare the efficiency of different models.

water rating label

Water efficiency rating label

The water efficiency rating label shows the efficiency rating in the blue band at the top of the label and can be from 1 to 6 stars. The more stars, the more water efficient the appliance, the less water it will use, and the less water you will pay for.

The water consumption box in the middle of the label tells you how many litres of water the appliance consumes each time you use it.