Energy efficient appliances

The more energy efficient an appliance is, the less it will cost you to run.

What are energy efficient appliances?

Your house is full of appliances that all add up to your overall energy use. In fact, larger household appliances account for around 31% of the average household’s energy use. Energy efficient appliances will save energy and water, and save you money.

To ensure your appliances are energy efficient:

  • compare the energy and running costs when purchasing appliances: use energy rating labels and the Energy Rating Calculator to save money on both the purchase price and lifetime running costs
  • use your appliances wisely: there are many ways to use your appliances more efficiently.

Clothes dryer

Clothes dryers

Clothes dryers use a lot of electricity. Choose an energy efficient model with at least a 2-star energy rating to reduce running costs.

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Fridges and freezers

When it's time to buy a new fridge or freezer, replace your old one with the most energy efficient model that will suit your household's needs.

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Be a smart shopper and buy a TV that uses less energy and costs less to run.

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Washing machine

Washing machines

Save on your water and energy bills by choosing a washing machine that is both water and energy efficient.

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Examples of energy and water rating labels

Energy and water ratings

Energy rating labels help you compare appliances so you can and choose the most energy and water efficient, and save money on running costs.

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Energy rating label

Energy rating calculator

The Energy Rating Calculator and app allows you to calculate the energy consumption and running costs for an appliance before you buy it.

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