Reduce your winter energy bills

Soft-focus view of city buildings through a window covered with raindropsStaying warm and comfortable in winter doesn’t need to be expensive. There are many simple ways to stay warm while reducing your energy costs.

1. Draught-proof your home

As well as making your home uncomfortable to live in, draughts can increase heating bills significantly, by allowing cold air into your home. There are some simple ways to minimise draughts in your home.

  • Fit weather-stripping around door frames
  • Use draught seals or door ‘snakes’ to cut off draughts
  • Choose the right kind of curtains and blinds and install them properly to minimise draughts.

Draught-proof your home

2. Insulate to stay warm

Make sure your home is well insulated, especially the ceiling. Insulation is the most effective way to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, and save more on heating bills.

3. Reduce heat loss through windows

Window coverings, whether they are blinds or curtains, can reduce heat loss through your windows. To be most effective they should fit snugly around the window and be made of a heavy fabric.

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Other hot ideas

  • Close doors between heated and unheated areas
    Minimise the area to be heated by ‘zoning’ your home. If you are renovating, plan your renovation to retain heat in winter.
  • Set your thermostat
    Set your heater thermostat between 18–20°C in living areas. Every extra degree adds 10% to your heating bill.
  • Install a timer
    A timer allows you to turn your heater on and off automatically, say 20–30 minutes before rising in the morning or getting home in the evening. Use your heating system efficiently to save energy and money.
  • Install dampers or chimney balloons
    If you are not using your fireplace, block chimney draughts to stop heat escaping.
  • Wear warmer clothes and add extra blankets
    Dress for warmer weather and you will be able to turn your heater down and stay comfortable.
  • Look for high efficiency heaters
    Choose an energy efficient heating system if you are purchasing a new heater. Compare energy rating labels – the more stars, the more energy efficient and the more you will save.
  • Maintain your heater
    Make sure your heating is maintained regularly so it operates efficiently and safely. Use your heating system efficiently.