Hot water

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Hot water accounts for around 16 per cent of the average Victorian household's energy costs. Most of the hot water is used in the bathroom, followed by the laundry and the kitchen.

Hot water makes up 16 per cent of your energy bill

Energy efficient hot water

Choose an energy efficient hot water system

Types of heatersThere are a range of energy efficient hot water heaters to choose from, depending on your fuel source, household size, budget and preference for instantaneous or storage systems. Choose the right hot water system for your needs and use it wisely, and you can save energy and lower your hot water costs.

Reduce the amount of hot water you use

Regardless of the type of hot water system you use, there are simple ways you can reduce your hot water costs. An energy efficient water heater is:

  • correctly sized for your household
  • well positioned
  • appropriate for your climate.

Benefits of energy efficient water heaters

Energy efficient water heaters can reduce household energy bills significantly. The table below shows the estimated average annual savings from replacing an existing water heater with a high efficiency water heater.

Existing Replacement Annual savings
Gas instantaneous High efficiency gas instantaneous $46
Gas boosted solar $120
Gas storage High efficiency gas $60
Gas boosted solar water heater $190
Electric storage High efficiency gas instantaneous $356
Gas boosted solar water heater $510

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Smarter choice

Energy efficient appliances will save you money. The Smarter Choice retail program will help you make better choices when buying new appliances, hardware and lighting.

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