Grow your own food

Why grow your own food?

Growing your own food allows you to enjoy delicious, inexpensive, convenient produce that is good for you and the environment. Grow your own food to:

  • save money and supplement your household food supply
  • reduce your shopping miles
  • enjoy fresher, more nutritious and more delicious food
  • know exactly what you're eating (e.g. no pesticides)
  • get some exercise and reduce your stress levels
  • teach your family important food skills
  • save water – home grown food uses less water relative to the amount of food harvested.

How to grow your own food

Growing your own food does not need to be complicated. Whether you rent or own your home, you don't even need an outdoor space.

Balcony gardens – You don't need a big garden to grow your own food. With a little thought and planning there are beautiful and edible plants for just about every type of balcony.

Community gardens – Community gardens are places where people come together to grow food and other plants, to learn new skills, meet other people and be part of their local community. 

Indoor gardens – Indoor gardens are a simple solution for people who don’t have access to an outdoor space or community garden. Fruits, flowers, herbs and even vegetables can all be grown indoors.

Wall gardens – Wall gardens can turn any wall, fence or vertical space into a living, growing wall of edible garden. A wall garden will use space efficiently, cover up an ugly wall, provide privacy, and beautify your home and garden.

A sustainable diet

For a variety of reasons, including lifestyle and ethical choices, some people choose to eat a plant rich diet. To find out more visit the Better Health Channel.


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