The Patch Primary School

2016 Winner - Biodiversity Primary School of the Year

Students at The Patch Primary School

It’s a real community effort for biodiversity at The Patch. The school has planted over 2,000 indigenous plant species within the school ground, extended wildlife corridors, expanded connections to the local community and implemented an award-winning habitat plan. The school established community groups to oversee key projects supporting the habitat plan – projects included edible food, food forest, weeds, working bees, class representatives and grant writing.

The community groups include over 50 parents from the school. The school developed a range of ecological zones including a swampy riparian forest and wetland, shrubby gully forest and understories to protect large trees from soil compaction and root damage.

Student groups, such as Grub Club, support staff to facilitate opportunities for students with special needs to benefit from experiential learning by engaging in additional activities such as tree planting. Nature-based education workshops are also held, and the school hosted five visits from educational providers. The Patch raised funds to support their habitat plan, including applying for Melbourne Water Stream Frontage Grants, entering the Victorian Schools Garden Awards (‘Best Habitat Garden 2015’) and selling student-propagated plants.

Cover - ResourceSmart Schools Awards Booklet 2016

ResourceSmart Schools Awards booklet 2016

A showcase of Victorian schools sustainability stories for a beautiful planet.