Moorabbin Primary School

2016 Winner - Community Leadership Primary School of the Year

Students and Parents from Moorabbin Primary School

Moorabbin Primary School (MPS) has collaborated with a wide variety of partners to instigate a culture amongst students and the broader community for environmental leadership. Every member of the school has helped transform the campus into productive zones, habitats for indigenous wildlife and outdoor learning spaces.

The school shares it learnings with fellow ResourceSmart schools, has coordinated 250 hours of parent volunteering and integrated sustainability into its curriculum and culture.

In 2016 Moorabbin Primary School set up a Parent Sustainability Survey. Completed by one in three parents, the survey showed that the school has achieved its core aim: to model positive behaviours within the school and facilitate the transfer of these behaviours beyond school to the home and community.

Collaborating with 10 community partners, MPS has transformed itself over the space of one year into a ResourceSmart school that is valued by the whole community for its environmental leadership and advocacy.

Cover - ResourceSmart Schools Awards Booklet 2016

ResourceSmart Schools Awards booklet 2016

A showcase of Victorian schools sustainability stories for a beautiful planet.