St Louis De Montfort's Aspendale - 2017 ResourceSmart School of the Decade

2017 Winner - ResourceSmart School of the Decade

Students from St Louis de Montfort's Primary School in Aspendale

St Louis de Montfort’s Primary is a 5Star ResourceSmart School that has embedded sustainability into its school culture over a long period.

Staff and students lead by example and educate the broader community about the benefits of sustainability. The school continuously demonstrates a commitment to educate the wider community on sustainability issues by hosting large scale events like the Steps to Sustainability Conference, as well as running workshops at events including the Victorian Schools Gardens Garden Show, the Big Green Schools Conference and the Kids Teaching Kids Conferences.

Classrooms contain composting bins, paper collection trays, reminder signage to turn off lights and computers when not in use, and recommended temperatures for heating and cooling.

Outside walls display artworks promoting water saving initiatives and large water tanks supply water to toilets, gardens and tennis courts. The sustainability precinct contains a kitchen made from converted shipping containers, wood-fired pizza oven, grey water pond, garden beds, aquaponics ponds and beds, re-used tyre and sleeper walls and amphitheatre, permaculture area, compost system, orchard, rabbit hutch, bird aviary, chicken coop, swales (wetlands) and reptile enclosures. This amazing precinct provides hands-on learning opportunities for students, who learn about the importance of sustainability across curriculum areas including English, maths, science and technology, and are rewarded with ‘sustainabux’ for acting sustainably.

St Louis have grown from a community with little knowledge about sustainability to a community that is passionate, engaged and active at the school level and in the wider community.

From the time you step into the school their progressive approach to sustainability is visible, awards proudly displayed, events advertised and then when you arrive at the sustainability precinct you will see children proudly immersed in hands on learning in natural environments. The school has a clear vision and sustainability plan implemented with great pride.

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