Williamstown High School

2016 Winner - Water Secondary School of the Year

Students from Williamstown High School

Williamstown High School’s recent accomplishments include development of a wetlands area, monitoring using SWEP, educating students through Environmental Crusaders and assembly presentations.

The school links water to the curriculum, and is committed to recycling rain water for the school’s toilets, garden and the community. Having large gutters, 12 large water tanks, half flush systems in both campuses and, on the Bayview Campus, a monitoring system is in place that allows the school to test taps, flushes and operational sewage drains fortnightly to ensure the systems are working efficiently. Student water use has subnsequently dropped from 15.5kl to 13.3kl.

Cover - ResourceSmart Schools Awards Booklet 2016

ResourceSmart Schools Awards booklet 2016

A showcase of Victorian schools sustainability stories for a beautiful planet.