Banyule Primary School

2016 Winner - ResourceSmart School of the Year

ResourceSmart School of the Year 2016

Banyule Primary School is the embodiment of sustainability, embedding direct action on climate change via energy efficiency, water conservation, community engagement and enhanced their local ecosystem throughout the curriculum and school community.

This school has shown leadership specifically across biodiversity, water and energy savings, waste reduction, student and wider community engagement – this is no small task for a school of 579 students.

Banyule has a ‘Whole School Sustainability Program’ with 10 teacher sustainability leaders and 24 student leaders, ensuring every single student at the school participates and learns about sustainability.

Banyule students are the real leaders and driving force behind the school’s sustainability success. Through research, action and leadership, students have changed the way the wider school community thinks about gardening and biodiversity, resulting in a new range of garden structures, creating nesting boxes and other projects around the school.

The students have presented a case for key sustainability projects convincing the principal, teachers and parents to help build a greenhouse, install an irrigation system and created ‘The Wicking Bed Project’.

The students in the Gardening Club, discovered wicking beds to redirect water from drains to gardens through online research.

As part of the project they convinced a plumbing company to volunteer their services, they sourced a recycled PVC container and enlisted the help of fellow students to move dirt from the chicken shed to the wicking bed. The club members are an inspiration to others, presenting at conferences and awards ceremonies on the importance of biodiversity.

Banyule is a ResourceSmart School star. In the past three years the school has gone from no stars to a 4Star ResourceSmart School and 5Stars is on the horizon.

This school actively encourage sustainable and responsible Australians for the future, through hard work and a passion for our beautiful planet.

Banyule’s most significant achievements include a video to promote efficient energy use to students and energy saving ideas to the entire community. The video was created by students across all year levels.

Clean transport was a key focus this year with the whole school embracing the use of public transport, electric cars and bikes.

It’s not just the students and staff involved, the wider community also benefits from the sustainability activities being carried out at this school. Students present the food they have grown to families, sharing their knowledge of locally grown produce.

Cover - ResourceSmart Schools Awards Booklet 2016

ResourceSmart Schools Awards booklet 2016

A showcase of Victorian schools sustainability stories for a beautiful planet.