Waste to energy infrastructure fund

The Waste to Energy Infrastructure Fund is closed

The Victorian Government is taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions including a net zero emissions reduction target by 2050 for Victoria. The waste to energy infrastructure program supports investment in waste to energy technologies that will assist government to achieve this target as we transition to a low carbon economy.

The waste to energy program aims to:

  • reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by 56,983 CO2e tpa (equivalent to emissions of over 7,000 homes)
  • generate 8,003,422kWh electricity per annum
  • generate 41,691GJ/h in gas, heat and biofuel
  • divert 17,220tpa waste from landfill
  • create 28 new jobs.

Funded Projects

The grants will help businesses and government to install infrastructure that will deliver almost 1MW of renewable energy capacity per annum, funded projects include:

  • Western Region Water Corporation will receive $802,784 to collect organic waste material and generate energy
  • East Gippsland Region Water Corporation will receive $209,765 to enhance an existing bio-digester to process septic tank waste, food waste, fats, oils and greases
  • Nestle Australia will receive $182,510 to create a system where organic waste from starch-based soft confectionery is used for bioenergy
  • Resource Resolution will receive $900,000 to help it build an anaerobic digester to divert local commercial food waste and other organics from landfill.

For more information about the Waste to Energy Infrastructure fund contact Sustainability Victoria on:
+61 3 8626 8700

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Turning Waste into Energy Discussion Paper

The Victorian Government has released a discussion paper on converting waste to energy to support the development of new technologies, including anaerobic digestion and thermal treatment of waste. Feedback received on the discussion paper will help inform the Victorian Government’s development of a waste to energy policy, to be released in 2018.

Find out more and read the discussion paper.

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