Projects funded by Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund grants

The Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund supports the development of infrastructure to build capability and capacity to recover high quality materials from collection, sorting, recycling and processing of valuable materials.

There have been multiple funding rounds since 2017 with projects located in and servicing Victoria eligible to apply for between $40,000 and $500,000 in funding for infrastructure development.

Round 4 funded projects

Thirteen projects across Victoria received a total of $4.67 million.

Alex Fraser Group


  • Project: Clarinda additive bin    
  • Funding: $336,500
  • Description: Alex Fraser Group will install an additive bin at their Clarinda facility which will divert low-value recovered glass unfit for reuse from landfill. They will be able to increase the use of this recycled glass in construction, such as road base, providing a much-needed end-market for this material.

Supa Dupa Industries Pty Ltd


  • Project: HordyPly – Recycling construction site hoarding into valuable plywood
  • Funding: $58,250
  • Description: Supa Dupa Industries will recover timber plywood boards from construction waste, creating high-value products such as building fit-outs, fixtures and furniture.

Fulton Hogan Ltd


  • Project: Glass and plastic recovery processing for pavement materials
  • Funding: $102,500
  • Description: Fulton Hogan will upgrade their asphalt plant to be able to take glass and plastic from kerbside recycling collections to use as an alternative for pavement materials.

City of Greater Geelong


  • Project: Central Geelong laneways minimal waste precinct
  • Funding: $78,660
  • Description: City of Greater Geelong will develop a laneway project with key recycling infrastructure to aid in the recovery of food, glass, plastic and cardboard from retail and hospitality outlets.

Envirostream Australia Pty Ltd

New Gisborne

  • Project: Victorian Battery Recycling and Material Recovery Infrastructure Project
  • Funding: $ 110,000
  • Description: Envirostream will upgrade and increase capacity to recycle batteries, which are high-risk e-waste due to their toxicity to the environment and human health.

Repurpose-It Pty Ltd


  • Project: Waste glass washing
  • Funding: $500,000
  • Description: The Repurpose It washing plant will install infrastructure to improve the recovery and washing of glass fines sourced from materials recovery facilities, which generally cannot be recycled, so diverting this waste from landfill. They will provide clean glass feedstock that has value for end markets.

Close the Loop Limited


  • Project: Increased use of recycled soft plastics in asphalt roads
  • Funding: $500,000
  • Description: Close the Loop will add infrastructure that will recover 5,000 tonnes of soft plastics annually, as well as waste toner powder and engine oil, all of which can be used in asphalt road base.


Dandenong South

  • Project: Melbourne PVC pipe recycling and manufacturing facility
  • Funding: $500,000
  • Description: A new facility production line will recycle up to 5,246 tonnes of plastic every year. This will divert hard-to-recycle plastics from landfill, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which are commonly used in piping and bottles.  

Waste Wise Environmental


  • Project: Commercial and industrial materials recycling facility
  • Funding: $500,000
  • Description: Waste Wise Environmental will build a new large-scale material recovery facility which will be able to process up to 20,000 tonnes of commercial and industrial waste each year.

Astron Sustainability


  • Project: Post-consumer polypropylene plastic flake sorting and reprocessing plant
  • Funding: $490,500
  • Description: Astron Sustainability will build an infrastructure to sort and process more than 2,000 tonnes of difficult-to-recycle mixed plastic waste will be sorted and processed to a quality that can be used in manufacturing processes.

Cleanaway Co Pty Ltd/Tox-Free


  • Project: Mixed e-waste plastics resource recovery facility
  • Funding: $500,000
  • Description: Tox-Free will install optical sorting equipment for plastics from e-waste processing, which will help with the increased volume expected from the new e-waste to landfill ban. The increased sorting capability will segregate streams of different plastic types and colours to increase the quality to a standard that can be readily sold on the market.

Astron Plastics Pty Limited


  • Project: Baled low-value mixed plastics reprocessing
  • Funding: $495,000
  • Description: Astron will enhance its capacity and capability to efficiently sort, clean and reprocess baled low-value mixed plastics from kerbside recycling. Plastics will be reprocessed into high-value, commercial grade recycled resins which can be on-sold to the market to manufacture recycled content products.

Boral Resources (Vic) Pty Ltd


  • Project: Asphalt plant upgrade
  • Funding: $500,000
  • Description: Boral will upgrade their asphalt plant to be able to receive plastic, glass and crumbed rubber for asphalt production that can be used in roads.
Round 3 funded projects

Twenty projects across Victoria received a total of $4.8 million.

Applicant Project name Project description Funding
Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) E-waste and Battery Collection and Processing Statewide collection system for end of life electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) and batteries and processing facility. $50,000
Bingo Recycling Pty Ltd Bingo Recycling - Braeside Recycling Centre Redevelopment for Optimised Resource Recovery Establishment of technically advanced Recycling Centre in Braeside to process mixed solid inert commercial and industrial (C&I) and C&D waste, and putrescible garden waste. Diversion of approximately 80,000 tonnes/annum of target waste streams in its first year of operation. $500,000
Poly Pac Recycling
Nextstep rPET Solution
New facility for PET/ HDPE / LDPE plastic recycling to prepare materials for downstream remanufacturing.
New recycling stations for Officeworks' Product Stewardship Programs
Officeworks have designed a new recycling station. They are seeking to rollout these new recycling stations to all 50 stores in Victoria – including batteries, e-waste, soft plastics.
30xy Group Pty Ltd
30XY Group/Reclaim Waste – Wet Recycling System
Funding of a wet recycling system. The project will allow 30XY/Reclaim to recover 100% of solid waste and over 95% of water from waste collected as food waste and street sweepings, diverting 24,700 tonnes of solid material and 13,000 tonnes of organic waste from landfill per year.
Cleanaway Waste Management Limited
Clayton Resource Recovery Centre Waste Sorting Line
Upgrade of the Clayton Resource Recovery Centre. This presents an opportunity to recover an additional 15,400 tonnes/annum.
Commercial Tippers Pty Ltd
Construction and Demolition Waste & Commercial and Industrial Waste Sortation Facility
Commercial Tippers in conjunction with Smart Recycling, plan to build a Construction and Demolition Waste (C&D) and Commercial and Industrial Waste (C&I) Sortation Facility. The facility will accept up to 160,000 tonnes per annum of material.
ReSourc Pty Ltd
Expansion of Handheld Battery Recycling Plant
Expansion of existing plant to increase capacity and widen the range of batteries which can be processed along with installing an automatic mechanical and optical sorting line for maximum sorting purity.
RPM Pipes
Improved Regional Plastics Processing
Adding a large shredder to the existing plastics processing facility to automatically and continuously process large plastic articles without pre-cutting by hand, which then makes them suitable for further processing through the existing washing system.
Tyrecycle Pty Ltd
Extracting Steel and Premium Tyre Derived Fuel from Tyres
Tyrecycle will further process tyres which have been reduced to 6 inch chips into 1.5 inch chips. The process will make it faster and more efficient to separate the steel faster and more efficiently and increase the recovery of steel from 30% to 40%, Tyre Derived Fuel from 50% to 55% and granulate loss from 20% to 5%.
National E Waste Alliance Pty Ltd
Diversion and Recycling of Problematic Electronic Waste
The National E-Waste Alliance, in collaboration with WDEA (a disability employment enterprise), will establish a network of collection points across the Western districts of Victoria to permit the drop off of end of life electronics not covered under the Federal National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.
Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP)
E-Waste Plastic Micro Factory Project
The first commercial application of innovative new micro-factory technology developed by TES (an e-recycler), and the UNSW SMART Hub to manufacture 3D printer filament from e-waste plastic.
Warrnambool City Council
FOGO's a GOGO. "If it Grows in it Goes"
Introduction of a new kerbside food organics/garden organics (FOGO) collection service to over 15,000 households. The project and resultant ongoing service will generate a reduction of waste to landfill of potentially 8,500 tonnes/annum.
Integrated Recycling Pty Ltd
Duratrack Railway Sleeper Project
Build the first stage of the Duratrack composite recycled plastic sleeper production line with a capacity to produce between 50,000 and 80,000 recycled plastic railway sleepers per year.
Outlook (Vic) Inc
Western Melbourne Resource Recovery Facility
The project will establish a new Resource Recovery Facility within the western suburbs of Melbourne in an appropriate industrial use zone.  Outlook employs an integrated workforce comprising employees with a disability or mental illness, long term unemployed and open employees.
Greater Shepparton City Council
Installation of Recycling Bins at Ardmona and Murchison Resource Recovery Centres (RRCs)
Installation of new bins at Ardmona and Murchison RRCs to allow for the recovery of rigid and soft plastics, cardboard and paper.
Back Again Recycling Pty Ltd
Regional Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Recovery Centre
Creation of a C&D waste recovery centre targeting the residential construction industry. The project will process up to 95,000 tonnes in the first year.
Alpine Waste Services
Alpine Waste Services Advanced Materials Recovery Facility
Upgrading of a recycling centre to mechanical sorting rather than the existing manual sorting. This will increase the diversion from landfill from 94 tonnes/annum to 1,508 tonnes/annum.
Ararat Rural City Council
Toward the Future – Lake Bolac Resource Recovery Centre Upgrade Project
The Lake Bolac Resource Recovery Centre will consolidate three existing rural facilities into one best practice facility to maximise recovery of commingled recycling, organics, e-waste and plastics.
Schulz Organic Dairy
Schulz Organic Dairy Upgrades to Increase Reusable Glass Bottle Packaging
Bottle washing facility to enable the replacement of 50% of plastic bottle packaging with returnable, reusable glass bottles. 
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic granulator for recycling PVC piping
End-of-life PVC piping will be ground up in a specially designed granulator, recycling approximately 375 tonnes of PVC piping every year.
Round 2 funded projects

Thirteen projects received a total of $4.2 million.

Distribution of round 2 funded projects


Applicant Project name Project description Funding
Camperdown Compost Company Camperdown Compost Company Facility Upgrade Plan Infrastructure to increase the composting capabilities at the site. $500,000
Integrated Recycling Pty Ltd Project Mildura Plant Upgrade Infrastructure to double the production capacity to recycle plastics for extrusion into timber replacement products. $130,000
Western Composting Technology Pty Ltd Shepparton Organics Resource Recovery Facility (SORRF) Plant Capacity Increase Increase the capacity of the composting plant and construct two tunnels for processing commercial and Food Organics, Garden Organics (FOGO) waste. $215,302
iGas Operations Pty Ltd Maddingley Waste to Energy The project will develop a scalable Waste to Energy facility at the Maddingley Brown Coal site and install a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) for sorting. $500,000
Benalla Rural City Council Resource Recovery Centre Upgrade Project (RRCUP) - Stage 1 Development of a Resource Recovery Transfer Station $440,000
Pinegro Products Pty Ltd Pinegro Products Enclosed In-Vessel Compost System – Monash Way, Morwell Development of a best practice enclosed tunnel compost facility for the Gippsland Region $500,000
Wangaratta Rural City Council (RCOW) Regional Organics Processing Plant The construction of a food organics and garden organics (FOGO) processing facility. $500,000
Moira Shire Council Cobram Commercial Waste Sorting Facility (CWSF) The project will enable industrial waste sorting at the Cobram Resource Recovery Facility. This includes materials such as soft plastics, cardboard, dirt, concrete, metals and timber. $495,000
Mitchell Shire Council Planning for the Future - Advancing Resource Recovery in the Rapidly Growing Mitchell Shire Development a new Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) $500,000
Campaspe Shire Council Introduce a Household Food Organics Collection and Expand the Current Garden Collection to Include Food. The rollout of a kerbside food and garden organics (FOGO) collection service to 8000 residents in the municipality (i.e. all with new food and 2000 with food and garden). $200,000
Campaspe Shire Council Recovering Flexible Plastics and Polystyrene Otherwise Destined for Landfill Upgrade of infrastructure on-site to recover flexible plastics and polystyrene. $75,144
Yarriambiack Shire Council Warracknabeal Transfer Station Upgrade and Landfill Closure Upgrade of the Warracknabeal Transfer Station which will allow for increased recyclables collection including agricultural soft plastics such as grain bags and tarpaulins. $140,000
Towong Shire Council Waste not Want not – Increased Resource Recovery in Towong Shire Upgrades to the Corryong Resource Recovery Centre and the Tallangatta transfer Station and establishment of two resale shops. $40,000
Round 1 funded projects

Thirteen projects received a total of $5.5 million.

Distribution of round 1 funded projects



Applicant Project name Project description Funding
Reground Pty Ltd Coffee Grounds and Flexible Plastic Recycling Expansion Infrastructure to allow the expansion of the collection of spent coffee grounds from retail and manufacturing venues. Also instituting a concurrent flexible plastics recycling collection. $40,000
Van Schaik's Bio Gro Pty Ltd – Timber Waste Recovery Timber Waste Resource Recovery Project Establishment a waste timber drop off recovery facility. The facility will receive up to 200,000 tonnes per annum of waste timber. $427,000
Knox Transfer Station Pty Ltd as the trustee for Knox Transfer Station Trust Knox Transfer Station (KTS) Process Engineered Fuel (PEF) KTS Recycling will establish a Process Engineered Fuel manufacturing facility at the Knox Transfer Station. $459,000
Polytrade Pty Ltd Polytrade Dandenong Mixed Glass Fines Processing Project This project will install machinery to colour sort and clean the 3–8mm fraction into 22,000 tonnes per annum of saleable products. $500,000
Advanced Circular Polymers Pty Ltd Advanced recycling of flexible plastic by polymer type Recycling Solutions aim to increase the diversion of flexible plastic from landfill by over 10,000tpa through the development of an advanced recycling facility. $500,000
Polymeric Powders Company Pty Ltd Production of tyre crumb derived composite material Creating tyre crumb derived Polymeric Powder from end-of-life tyres for use in the large volume irrigation pipes and sewerage pipes markets. $121,000
Melton City Council Melton Recycling Facility Upgrade Upgrade of the Melton Recycling Facility to Better Practice Resource Recovery standards. $391,500
City of Yarra Closing the Loop on Yarra's Food Waste Yarra City Council will provide a kerbside food organics and garden organics (FOGO) collection service to 700 households. Additional on-site reprocessing solutions for food waste will be installed at 3 apartment locations and 1 commercial location. $400,000
Future Metals Recyclers Melbourne Pty Ltd Upgrade Cardinia Transfer Station Upgrade of the Cardinia Transfer Station to increase tonnage of materials recovered at the site. $500,000
Repurpose It Pty Ltd
Washing Plant 460 Cooper Street Establish a state of the art washing facility which will utilise best practise technologies in the processing of typically untreatable waste streams currently being sent to landfill. $500,000
Repeat Plastics Australia Pty Ltd (Replas) Recycling plant expansion Purchase and install new proven re-processing equipment to allow the recycling more post-consumer waste. $379,100
Westall Road Resource Recovery Pty Ltd Westall Road Resource Recovery Pty. Ltd. Development of a new resource recovery centre at Westall Road, Springvale which will focus on green and wood waste, recoverable hard waste, construction and demolition waste and recyclables. $237,500
Enrich360 Pty Ltd Enrich360 Onsite Food Organic Waste Recovery Program Installation of 18 food organic dehydration units to restaurants, hospitals and similar facilities to allow waste to be collected and then turned into compost. $500,000
CMA Ecocycle
Battery Recycling Solutions
CMA Ecocycle will construct a new custom-built plant which will involve pre-sorting, automatic-sorting and manual sorting to recycle major battery types. The project aims to divert approximately 4,000 tonnes of batteries from landfill, from which valuable metals will be extracted via a fully traceable “closed loop” recycling methodology.