Recycling Industry Transition Support Grants

The Victorian State Government recognises the significant impact China’s new policy for recyclables has had on the Victorian resource recovery sector. In April 2018, funding was allocated to the Recycling Industry Transition Support Fund to support a rapid response to the current recycling issues.

The grants are a component of the $13 million support package for councils and the recycling industry announced by Minister D’Ambrosio on 23 February 2018.

The objective of the grants is to support Victoria’s resource recovery sector to rapidly improve its capability and capacity to recover and reprocess plastics, paper and cardboard (PPC) waste to a commercial grade, enabling supply to more local and international markets.

Funded Projects

Applicant Project overview Funding
Polymer Processes Pty LTD

The commissioning of plastic washing equipment that can accept a wider range of plastic materials. Upgrading the treatment of wastewater from the wash plant, resulting in the production of higher grade outputs. The new equipment will increase processing capacity by 800kg/hr for plastics.

Once operational the upgraded facility will be capable of reprocessing plastics of various polymers into valuable commodities, which can then be used as alternatives to virgin materials in the manufacture of new plastic products both locally and internationally.

Australian Paper Recovery Pty Ltd

Installation of sorting and compaction equipment for waste paper that will have the capacity of processing 39,000 tonnes annually.

Polytrade Recycling

The installation of three plastic sorting machines to reprocess 10,400 tonnes annually of mixed plastics sourced from domestic recycling, into commercially saleable plastic products.

The machines will separate the mixed plastics into PE, HDPE, PVC/PP and PS. Unlike mixed plastics, these separated outputs will meet the quality requirements of buyers in Malaysia and Hong Kong, effecting an increase in the ability to process mixed plastics to a commercial grade in Victoria.

Tambo Waste Pty Ltd

Upgrade existing MRF to include equipment to reduce contamination of PPC and increased capacity by 5,000 tonnes annually.

Branin Pty Ltd

Branin is establishing EcoUnpack as an innovative, long term, domestic solution for recycling complex, plastic food packaging. The funding will support the sustainable recycling of over 200,000 tonnes per annum of packaged organic food waste. 7,000 tonnes per annum of plastic will be reprocessed.


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