New bins installed on High Street in Lismore

Case study

Project information

  • Project name: Lismore – Street Litter Clean-up
  • Project lead: Corangamite Shire Council
  • Location: High Street, Lismore (commercial zone)
  • Themes: Street litter, bin banks, solar powered bins

New bin banks are helping to combat overflowing bins in the commercial area of High Street, Lismore in Corangamite Shire.

“We’ve seen more motor vehicle traffic along Lismore High Street in recent years, particularly close to shops and amenities,” explained Jessica Maxwell, Waste and Sustainability Officer at Corangamite Shire Council. “Unfortunately, this has brought more litter to the area, including many single-use plastic items commonly associated with car travel.

“The old bins would often overflow, if they were used at all. And the community did not like the flow-on effects of litter, like litter in the streets, scavenging vermin and waste blowing into the nearby river.

New rubbish and recycling bins on High Street in Lismore

New bin banks

“Thanks to a grant from Sustainability Victoria, we were able to trial two new banks of bins, each with a 240-litre solar compactor, three normal 240-litre bins and a commingled recycling bin. One was located next to the toilet block and one at the shopping hub, with signs encouraging visitors to ‘Do the right thing, use the right bin’.

“The solar-powered compactor bins can take up to seven times as much litter as normal street bins” explained Jessica, “so we can collect more litter without increasing the number of bins or collection services. The bins are also designed to keep pests out, and waste in so it doesn’t spill and get blown around.”

“Although we didn’t record waste quantities at our first litter audit, we’ve definitely seen less litter, particularly larger items. We still found smaller objects such as cigarette butts and small paper wrappings, mostly around the back of the bins.”

Strong community support

“The community and local businesses really got behind this trial. We invited them to participate in our street litter plan, helping us to pinpoint the best location for the bin banks and empowering them to get involved.

“The local service station ended up replacing plastic straws with paper and we had another business approach us for more bins on the shopping side of the roadway

“We were also able to help out the neighbouring town of Derrinallum by passing on the two 120-litre solar compactor bins that we trialled in Lismore before installing the bin banks.”

Next steps

“We are very happy with the new bin banks and we may roll this system out to other towns in future,” said Jessica. “We will continue to work with the Lismore community and spread our ‘Do the right thing, use the right bin’ message far and wide.”

More information

Contact Jessica Maxwell, Waste and Sustainability Officer at Corangamite Shire Council on 03 5593 7202 or email