E-waste Infrastructure Grants round 2 – Information bulletin

This page contains updates on the E-waste Infrastructure Grants round 2.

Questions and answers

We have added questions received from interested parties, with our responses following each question.

We have only listed questions and answers that are not addressed in the E-waste Infrastructure Grants page or guidelines.

Is this funding available for not for profits (NFPs) or social enterprises?
No, NFPs and social enterprises are not eligible for funding under the E-waste Infrastructure Grant Round 2.

Please note: under the new Recycling Victoria: A New Economic Policy, a key commitment and action is to support charities. For more information on this, please contact Department Environment Land Water and Planning 136 186.

Can I apply if I received Round 1 funding?
Yes, you can apply for this grant if you have previously received funding under the E-waste Infrastructure Program.

I want to apply for funding under the E-waste Collection and Storage Grant stream, however I am in a rural area and don’t service a high-density population, such as a metro council.  Should I still apply?
To be eligible for the stream you will need to demonstrate that your project can address what will be funded and geographical locations where the need can be demonstrated.
We recommend demonstrating the percentage of population that would benefit from the project receiving funding. For example, what is the percentage of population that will have access to a safe e-waste disposal option due to the project receiving the funding?
Providing this information will help the assessment panel understand the benefits of your project for your geographic location.

We will need to lease a site as part of our project, would this be covered under the funding?
No – acquisition of land will not be funded under this grant.
Please refer to section 3.3 in the guidelines: What will not be funded?
If your total project cost includes land acquisition, this would need to be allocated on top of the minimum co-contribution amount.

How do I receive the guidelines or application form?
Register your details at the bottom of the E-waste infrastructure grants page and you will be sent the guidelines and application form, as well as details on how to apply.

We are a start-up company; can we apply for funding?
You need to have been operating for a minimum of 12 months.

We have existing equipment, currently being upgraded, can we apply for funding toward the upgrade?
No, the standard terms and conditions of the funding agreements do not allow for funding to go towards retrospective funding.

The Collection and Storage Grant stream notes that mobile collection will be funded, what does this mean?
This refers to mobile collection trailers, which could be alternate solution under the Collection and Storage Grant.

Please refer to section 7 in the guidelines: Fund definitions – Mobile Collection – compliant mobile infrastructure for the purpose of collecting and dropping off e-waste.

Can we apply for funding for stillages?
The E-waste Collection and Storage Grant stream will fund compliant fixed, semi-permanent e-waste infrastructure upgrades and mobile collection.

The infrastructure must be designed and constructed in line with AS/NZS 5377: 2013: and all relevant building codes.

This grant is open to alternate collection and storage solutions and we encourage all eligible applicants to submit solutions that benefit the highest percentage population in their geographic location.