E-waste infrastructure grants

The Victorian Government banned the disposal of e-waste to landfill on 1 July 2019.

E-waste is growing three times faster than general waste in Australia. This stream of waste contains hazardous materials which can harm the environment and human health. It also contains valuable materials which are scarce and worth recovering.

We are facilitating $15 million of funding via two rounds of the E-waste Infrastructure Grants that aim to:

  • provide support to build the capacity and capability of those managing e-waste
  • ensure that collection, storage and reprocessing of e-waste is conducted to a high standard.

Both rounds are now closed, with round two outcomes to be announced in August 2020.

Round one: Upgrading the e-waste collection network

This round committed to upgrading Victoria’s E-waste Collection Network (VECN). Funding delivered 123 upgrades to local government owned transfer stations and resource recovery centres and 50 e-waste hubs across Victoria.

An independent review of round one was conducted and found:

  • on completion of round one upgrades, over 98% of communities in both metropolitan and regional Victoria will have reasonable access (30-minute drive time) to a safe e-waste disposal point
  • to assess the coverage of the VECN, this review provided an analysis of visible network gaps, identifying areas of Victoria that are servicing large populations and therefore may have constrained capacity at drop-off sites
  • there are still geographical gaps in the e-waste collection network. These gaps included eastern suburbs of Melbourne and Warrnambool and that in these locations there is a high concentration of population being serviced by fewer sites.

Round two: Safely managing Victoria’s e-waste

Through the development of the VECN, there has been an increased need to build reprocessing capacity and capability to safely manage the growing volumes of e-waste.

Round two will prioritise building reprocessing capability and capacity; and ensure collection and storage of e-waste through investment in fixed, semi-permanent e-waste infrastructure upgrades and alternate non-fixed collection and storage solutions.

Round two closed on 30 March 2020, with notifications of outcomes to take place in late 2020.

E-waste landfill ban timeline

Milestone Date
Public consultation on the preferred e-waste policy package September 2017–January 2018
Support program (grants and campaign) announced April 2018
Education campaign begins Mid 2018
Round one grants awarded, construction begins October–December 2018
Landfill ban takes effect
1 July 2019
Round two announced
12 February 2020
Round two funding awarded and projects commence
Program ends
31 March 2022

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