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A warehouse funded by an Ewaste Infrastructure Support Program grant to collect e-waste

The E-waste Infrastructure Support Program administers grants to help local governments to upgrade e-waste collection and storage facilities across Victoria.

The program helps prepare the state’s e-waste infrastructure for the ban on e-waste in landfills, which commenced on 1 July 2019. The first round of funding was awarded in late 2018 and the next round will open in late 2019.

The Victorian Government is investing $16.5 million to upgrade e-waste collection and storage facilities across the state and to deliver an education campaign to increase awareness of e-waste and how to dispose of it properly.

How to apply

Funding for round one is now closed. A second round of funding is due to open in late 2019.

About the program

In 2018, Sustainability Victoria assessed Victoria’s current e-waste infrastructure, identifying sites that could be upgraded to create an e-waste collection network offering reasonable access to all Victorians.

In April 2018, local government and state government entities with sites listed in the VECN were invited to submit proposals for grants of up to $100,000 to upgrade or build sites to safely collect and store e-waste.

These grants will give Victoria one of the best e-waste collection networks in Australia and will:

  • support infrastructure upgrades to provide reasonable access for Victorians across metropolitan and regional areas
  • increase local government’s capacity and capability to safely collect and store the increasing volumes of e-waste in Victoria.

Previous funding

The first round of funding was announced in October 2018 and construction of new buildings and upgrades for many sites is now complete. Further projects will be completed over the next year.

More than 98% of eligible sites identified in the VECN applied for funding and 122 projects are being funded across Victoria.

Download the list of funded e-waste Infrastructure projects – Round 1 (xlsx, 24kB)

View the media release about the first funding round

Please note: E-waste infrastructure upgrades are still in progress. Please contact your local council to discuss recycling in your community.

Tracking Victoria's e-waste progress

In July 2018, Sustainability Victoria launched phase one of a $1.5 million education campaign supporting Victorians to ‘Take your e-waste to a better place.’

The campaign was developed from insights gained from social research into e-waste recycling behaviours and focuses on building awareness of the value of recycling e-waste and the range of recycling options available. It features a new e-waste website, campaign resources such as posters and brochures, a campaign video showcasing the valuable materials inside our electronics and social media and digital advertising.

Phase two of the campaign was launched in April 2019 in the lead up to the 1 July 2019 ban.

Local governments were invited to apply for $10,000 to roll out the e-waste campaign locally, with activities such as information sessions, community displays and community based e-waste drop off bins for small items.

This grant program opened in November 2018 and closed in January 2019.

Funding will be provided directly to all metropolitan councils and will be managed via Waste and Resource Recovery Groups for regional councils.

Key milestone Anticipated timeframe Completed
Public consultation on the preferred e-waste policy package September 2017–January 2018

E-waste Infrastructure Support Program (grants and campaign) announced

View the Ministerial announcement

26 April 2018

$1.5 million awareness campaign commences

E-waste website

Round 1 E-waste Infrastructure Grants close Friday 14 September 2018

Round 1 E-waste Infrastructure Grants announced 121 sites, $10.6 million

View the Ministerial announcement

October 2018
E-waste infrastructure building commences
Late 2018 / early 2019

E-waste education campaign implementation support grants open
26 October 2018
E-waste education campaign implementation support grants close 4 January 2019

E-waste ban to landfill takes effect 1 July 2019
E-waste education campaign implementation support grants activities to be completed
30 September 2019



Cover of the Victorian E-waste Infrastructure Network Assessment Report (VEINAR)

Victorian E-waste Infrastructure Network Assessment Report

In 2018 Sustainability Victoria conducted a detailed state-wide assessment of Victoria’s current e-waste infrastructure and identified the Victorian E-waste Collection Network.

Logo for Sustainability Victoria with the words, fact sheet

Victorian E-waste Collection Network Site List

Victorian E-waste Collection Network (VECN) primary and secondary site list.

Transfer station signage

Transfer Station Signage

This collection of posters can be used to optimise resource recovery centre design. The posters have been developed using the relevant Australian Standards and colour coding to provide a consistent approach to help users drop off materials in dedicated areas.

Signs on an external wall of a tin shed

Fact sheet – Signage

Good signage can assist in maximising the source separation of recyclable materials and providing efficient site traffic flows, whilst keeping customers and operators safe.

Guide to Better Practice at Resource Recovery Centres

Guidance to help you assess your facility during site development, upgrade or while operating and managing a site.

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