Grants and funding

Aerial view of Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula

We administer grants and funding programs that seek to improve Victoria's waste and recycling systems, encourage more efficient use of energy and help the state move towards a circular economy model.

We announce future grant and funding opportunities on our LinkedIn page, or you can register for updates about future opportunities.

Waste, resource recovery and recycling grants

E-waste infrastructure grants

Grants of up to $500,000 are available for industry and local government and WRRGs seeking to invest in projects that increase recovery of e-waste materials.

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Recycling Victoria Infrastructure Fund

A fund to support Victoria’s recycling sector transformation through the Victorian Government policy, 'Recycling Victoria: a new economy'.

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Road-workers laying bitumen

Research, Development and Demonstration grants

Supporting research, development and demonstration projects that can increase the quantity of recycled products being sold in Victoria.

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Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund grants

Supporting businesses and local government through funding for major recycling projects that recover valuable products and reduce waste going to landfill.

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Bioenergy Infrastructure Fund grants

Supporting projects that use bioenergy technologies for the recovery and reprocessing of organic waste from commercial, industrial and municipal sources.

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Energy efficiency grants

The Mitta Mitta River cutting through floodplains surrounded by hills near Omeo

Local Government Energy Saver program

Helping councils understand, prioritise and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades.

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Victorian Healthy Homes program

Aiming to improve indoor winter temperatures and reduce energy bills for Victorians living on low incomes with healthcare needs.

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