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Improving resource recovery at multi-unit dwellings

City of Greater Dandenong Council logoThe City of Great Dandenong is exploring new ways to reach tenants living in multi-unit dwellings to reduce contamination in recycling bins.

Project objective: To improve recycling rates and reduce contamination in kerbside recycling bins at multi-unit dwellings

The City of Greater Dandenong has made numerous efforts to disseminate information at multi-unit dwellings (MUDs) on appropriate recycling behaviours as part of its overall program to improve recovery rates. Despite this, contamination levels remain high. This is largely due to the high turnover rates of MUD tenants as the council does not have the capacity to deliver ongoing targeted and timely messages to new tenants.

To resolve this issue, the council launched two complementary initiatives:

  • a project to get Owners Corporation Managers to partner council in delivering education and information to MUD residents
  • a programmed hard waste collection service for MUD sites with 10 or more dwellings. A service that best suits individual properties will be explored and trialed.


The council identified Owners Corporation Managers and real estate agents managing multi-unit sites in Greater Dandenong, creating a database of names and contact details. This data is used to maintain ongoing communication with these groups, including inviting them to property managers forums.

The property managers forum provides a platform to ask participants to commit to helping council disseminate information and influence recycling practices of MUD residents.


One of the key project insights was that any engagement between council, the Owners Corporation and real estate agents needs to be ongoing to achieve long-term success. The Owners Corporation were frequently kept in the dark by real estate agents on information such as when tenants are moving in and out. The long-term project outcomes depend on ongoing engagement between these two groups, with continual updates on the status of tenants living in the properties.

Next steps

The council will continue to work with Owners Corporations and real estate agents to achieve longer term goals.

Further information

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