Victorian Recycling Industry Annual Waste Services Report 2016-17

Infographic of materials recovered and recycled in Victoria

Sustainability Victoria annually surveys key Victorian recycling businesses about their:

  • recovered waste material for reprocessing
  • reuse of materials or energy conversion
  • products.

These survey results form the Victorian Recycling Industry Annual Report. This report provides information about total waste generation by Victorians plus tonnages landfilled and recovered.

In 2016–17:

  • Victoria's reprocessing sector increased from the previous year’s material recovery rate, reaching just above 8.6 million tonnes of material recovered and achieving a recovery rate of 67 per cent
  • the total amount of material recovered for recycling was 8.62 million tonnes, 1.5 per cent more than in 2015–16.

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Cover of Victorian Recycling Industry Annual Report 2016-17

Victorian Recycling Industry Annual Report 2016-17

The Victorian Recycling Industry Annual Report (VRIAR) details the amount of waste generated, landfilled and recovered in Victoria.

Cover of the VRIAS worksheet 2016-17

Victorian Recycling Industry Waste Services Workbook 2016-17

The VRIWS workbook provides access to the data contained in the final report. It includes the tonnes of waste generated from various source sectors and provides trend data for different material types recovered for reprocessing.