Kerbside waste data

Since 2000, we have surveyed Victorian councils about their kerbside waste and recycling services, including the tonnages, trends and diversion rates.
The portal enables you to sort by a combination of waste material, council area and year, providing a graphical presentation of location and trends.

How to refine the data


  • There are two filters on the dashboard, Region and Year – where Year refers to the start of a financial year, i.e. 2005 refers to 2005–06;
  • The map also works as a filter and you can select any of the councils displayed on the map;
  • Hovering over any of the charts or councils on the map will display details about the visuals – i.e. if you hover over any of the trend charts, data associated with a particular year will be displayed;
  • The trend charts also provide a 10 year projection of the dataset. The trend charts show a 95% confidence interval with the upper and lower forecasts levels shown;
  • You can zoom in and out of the map by clicking on the magnifying glass symbols in the map or by scrolling on your mouse wheel;
  • If you have zoomed the image – you can move the map by clicking and holding down the left mouse key and moving the image.


  1. Select Region
    The trend data charts for Residual, Commingled and Garden Organics will be displayed based on the selection of Region. Associated Councils will be shown (highlighted) on the map – only councils highlighted on the map can be selected. Selecting a highlighted council will display the trend data for the three kerbside services and the top level results will be shown in the cards. To highlight all councils either choose the Select All button on the Region filter or click / re-select a highlighted council.
  2. Select Year
    The top level results for Annual Tonnes Collected are displayed for Residual, Commingled and Garden Organic kerbside services in the cards based on the selection of Region and Year. You can select more than one Year by holding down the Cntrl key and making multiple selections.
  3. Select Council on Map of Victorian LGAs
    The trend data charts and top level result cards will display the results based on your selection of Council.
  4. Selecting More than one Region or Council
    You can select more than one region or council by holding down the Cntrl key and making multiple selections. The associated trend charts and top level results / cards will change based on your selection.

Source: SV’s Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Report