Interactive waste data mapping

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Our waste and resource recovery data portals provide interactive mapping to help identify where Victoria's waste streams are being generated and managed. The data is available for all to use and is updated annually.

Waste Projection Data Portal

Victoria's Waste Projection Model

Victoria's Waste Projection Model is designed to track and project future solid waste flows until 2045–46. 

It aggregates the data by the whole of Victoria and each of the Waste and Resources Recovery Groups.

Access the Waste Projection Model

Kerbside Waste Data Portal

Victoria's Kerbside Waste Data

Kerbside Waste Data illustrates historical volumes of kerbside waste generated and managed in each of Victoria's 79 councils. 

The portal enables you to sort by a combination of waste material, council area and year, providing a graphical presentation of location and trends.

Access the Kerbside Waste Data Portal

Kerbside Waste Data Portal

Victorian Biomass Residue Generation Estimates by LGA (tonnes)

The Victorian Biomass Dashboard presents the estimate of volumes of biomass generated and in each of Victoria's 79 councils.

The dashboard is designed to enable you to sort by a combination of Product, Sector, Waste and Resource Recovery Region and Council area.

Access the Victorian Biomass Dashboard