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Waste data is critical to well targeted and planned waste projects and programs based on evidence.

Sustainability Victoria's Waste Data Service collects and stores waste and recycling data from a number of sources and regularly produces statewide waste, recycling and litter data reports.

The service aims to strengthen and standardise existing waste and resource recovery data in Victoria, introduce new data as necessary and improve collection and sharing of data in Victoria between state and local governments and industry.

Kerbside portal

Interactive waste data mapping

Interactive mapping to help identify where Victoria's waste streams are being generated and managed.

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Woman operating a front-end loader in a transfer station

Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Report 2018–19

The report outlines the tonnages, costs, trends and diversion rates for councils' waste and recycling services.

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Victorian Recycling Industry Annual Report 2018–19

The Victorian Recycling Industry Annual Report details the amount of waste generated, landfilled and recovered.

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Tins and cans waiting to be recycled

Victorian statewide garbage bin audits

Data from bin audits helps us develop actions and programs to address resource recovery and waste management.

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