Sustainable procurement

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Sustainable Procurement at SV

Sustainability Victoria supports state and local governments to include environmental sustainability principles when making decisions about purchasing goods and services and for public construction and infrastructure.

Our specialist staff are available to help you to identify where you might be able to leverage your purchasing power to achieve environmental outcomes, connect with the right partners, understand broader procurement policies and work with you to increase the procurement of products containing recycled content.

SV works across the environment portfolio and with other key government partners to achieve and promote environmental outcomes through procurement.

Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework

Victorian Government procurement is one of the largest drivers in the Victorian economy.

In 2016–17, the Victorian Government spent $16 billion on goods and services to support service delivery and operations. This is in addition to $9.1 billion spent on public construction and infrastructure.

Annual infrastructure spending alone will average $9.6 billion from 2017–18 to 2020–21 to deliver the current pipeline of projects.

Launched April 2018, this is a whole-of-Government approach that applies to purchases of all goods, services and construction by departments and agencies in Victoria. Sustainable procurement decisions consider the environmental and social impacts (both positive and negative) from products and services alongside the cost.

SV has committed to assisting government buyers to achieve two of the environmentally sustainable objectives under the Social Procurement Framework.

  • Environmentally sustainable outputs

    Product-specific requirements to use sustainable resources and to manage waste and pollution.

    Use of recycled content in construction works.
  • Environmentally sustainable business practices

    Adoption of sustainable business practices.

Download the Social Procurement Framework (pdf)

For more information on the Social Procurement Framework, go to the Buying for Victoria website.

Recycling Industry Strategic Plan

In January 2018, China introduced import restrictions to a range of low quality and unsorted waste materials, in particular plastics and paper/cardboard which represents a large proportion of household recycling. To address these impacts and create a more resilient recycling sector into the future, the Victorian government have developed the Recycling Industry Strategic Plan, which among other goals, will drive demand for products containing recycled materials through government procurement.

SV will work closely with the Department of Treasury and Finance to categorise government procurement, identify areas where high-volumes of recycled content could be used, and remove existing barriers to ensure department and agency policies and behaviours target these materials.

Download the Recycling Industry Strategic Plan (pdf)

Sustainable Procurement Masterclasses

SV held its first Sustainable Procurement Masterclasses in May this year. ‘When recycled rubber hits the road,’ focused on how to increase the amount of recycled content like glass, concrete, rubber and plastics in road construction procurement.

SV’s CEO Stan Krpan opened the Masterclass, followed by the Victorian Chief Engineer, Collette Bourke. Both Stan and Collette set the statewide perspective and challenges ahead including resource scarcity. Fin Robertson from Level Crossing Removal Authority spoke about using industry rating tools to drive sustainable outcomes through the procurement process, whilst VicRoads covered the specifications and standards that have been developed to enable the use of recycled materials.

Participants also heard from Downer about their innovative use of toner cartridges, glass fines and street sweepings. Wyndham City Council spoke about its recycled material trials and findings, and the Municipal Association of Victoria issued a call to action to all councils to reinvigorate the Zero Waste Roads initiative.

Masterclass video playlist

  1. Stan Krpan – CEO, Sustainability Victoria
    Setting the scene, what is state government doing etc.
  2. Collette Burke – Victorian Chief Engineer, Office of Projects Victoria
    Challenges, rethinking recycled materials and opportunities.
  3. Fin Robertson – Senior Sustainability Specialist, Level Crossing Removal Authority
    Using procurement as a lever for sustainable outcomes.
  4. Arthur Apostolopoulos – Manager Pavement Technology, VicRoads
    VicRoads’ approach and commitment to using recycled materials in road construction.
  5. Jerry Tan – National R&D Manager, Downer
    Recycled Materials in Pavement.
  6. Geoffrey Youla – Coordinator Asset Rehabilitation, Wyndham City Council
    Trials and Tribulations.
  7. John Hennessy – Sector Development Consultant, Municipal Association of Victoria
    Re-launch of Zero Waste Roads.
  8. Panel discussion – chaired by Karl Shanley, Sustainability Victoria
    Busting myths and breaking down barriers – ask the experts.

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