Litter Action Task Force

A Litter Action Task Force should be a key part of your litter program process planning. Recruiting the right people and organisations to a task force can help to:

  • increase knowledge sharing
  • share skills and resources
  • expand supporter base for litter prevention programs (by way of messengers)
  • improve litter prevention advocacy

A Litter Action Task Force can help with the following litter prevention programs:

  • ongoing. Implementing a litter reduction action plan over a year or more
  • task specific. There may be aspects of the best practice model members can help with, especially education, infrastructure and enforcement
  • site specific. Perhaps focusing on reducing littering or dumping at a hotspot or waterway
  • issue specific. Focusing on reducing a specific type of littering or dumping, such as dumping on nature strips or take away containers at events. 

Key members for a Litter Action Task Force:

  • Cleaners — waste and cleaning contract managers
  • Local business people — Especially traders, restaurateurs, venue and building managers, developers, industry, manufacturers and agriculturalists. 
  • Government — Council staff such as waste management and education officers, local laws, media and communications and Councillors. Key government departments such as Sustainability Victoria, Environmental Protection Authority Victoria, Department of Environment Land Water and Planning.
  • Land managers and environmental groups — Parks Victoria, transport, reserves, foreshores, Landcare and Friends groups
  • Regional waste management groups — and their Education Officers
  • Community group representatives — Service clubs, committees, sport and recreation clubs and social or cultural associations.