Interventions to address litter issues

Volunteer picking up plastic bottles in parkland

Interventions to address Victoria's priority statewide litter issues

Victoria's Litter Report Card identified five priority litter issues for Victoria. In August 2016 SV brought together representatives from 29 government, business and community organisations to prioritise three of these litter issues, then co-design interventions to address them.

The three litter issues which the stakeholder group prioritised, and their associated projects, are:

  1. Litter presenting in coastal areas and waterways
  2. Illegal dumping impacting all sectors of the community
  3. Interventions to address these two litter issues have been combined into Sustainability Victoria's Litter and Illegal Dumping grants.

    This grants program is aimed at funding projects to support land managers to address the issues in a locally appropriate manner, using a combination of education and engagement, infrastructure and enforcement activities.

  4. The amount of plastic and microplastic litter in the environment and associated impacts to the environment and wildlife.
  5. This intervention is a small scale citizen science project which collects sand samples to analyse for the presence of microplastics to better understand their source and extent in Port Phillip Bay. SV are working with EPA Victoria and Melbourne Water to deliver this project, and are collaborating with a number of other organisations and community groups to enable delivery.

More information: Microplastics Citizen Science Project