About the e-waste program

To protect our environment and recover more precious resources, the Victorian Government is banning all e-waste from landfill from 1 July 2019.

To support the rollout of the ban, the Victorian Government is investing $16.5 million to upgrade e-waste collection and storage facilities across the state and deliver an education campaign to support the ban on e-waste in landfills.

$15 million has been allocated to design and implement an e-waste infrastructure support program to upgrade Victoria's e-waste collection network, increasing community access to e-waste disposal points and expanding capacity to receive and safely manage rising volumes of e-waste. 

Local councils can currently apply for funding for e-waste storage facilities at transfer stations. 

Sustainability Victoria supports Victorians to be more sustainable in their everyday life: in our homes and our jobs, in our schools and communities, and in the systems and infrastructure that support a thriving Victorian economy and lifestyle.

To find out more about where you can dispose of your e-waste, contact your local council or find out about other takeback schemes that ar available throughout Victoria.

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Reducing the level of e-waste being generated is everyone’s responsibility. We’re here to help make sure it’s as easy as possible. We’d love to hear from you. You can reach us here.