Individual actions

Once you’ve made the TAKE2 pledge, you can select your pledge actions.

They’re a list of things you can do to reduce climate change.

Some actions are simple, like:

  • Turning leftovers into new meals
  • Donating to or buying items from not-for-profit groups
  • Keeping the air conditioning thermostat between 24 and 26 degrees in summer.

Others are more complex, like:

  • Installing solar panels at home
  • Starting a regular cycle to work program
  • Growing your own food at home.

For a variety of reasons, including lifestyle and ethical choices, some people also choose to become vegetarian or vegan. To find out more visit the Better Health Channel.

You can also use the free text option when identifying other pledge actions you’re undertaking.

Once you sign up, you’ll get a comprehensive list to choose from. We’ll then give you free information on how you can complete your actions and help keep the temperature rise under two degrees.

Pledge today and together and we can tackle climate change.