Higher education actions

Signing your higher education organisation up to TAKE2 will help Victoria reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Below are TAKE2 actions your organisation can take to combat climate change. This list will help you plan your greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Curriculum category

  • Make innovative sustainability and climate change actions part of your curriculum
  • Develop curriculum content that showcases opportunities for sustainability, including climate change
  • Invest in research to develop curriculum content on sustainability, including climate change
  • Use the savings from sustainability activities to train staff on sustainability and climate change
  • Share your sustainability and climate change curriculum with your network (across faculties and campuses)

Campus category

  • Conduct energy and material assessments to understand energy and material use at your campus
  • Set an energy efficiency target for electricity use
  • Develop and implement an environmental management plan
  • Set an energy efficiency target for gas use
  • Set a renewable energy target
  • Buy renewable energy
  • Do regular progress reports against energy efficiency and renewable energy targets
  • Make lighting, heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems more efficient
  • Maintain equipment for optimum performance
  • Monitor your energy use by tracking consumption data
  • Install sub metering to monitor energy use
  • Install solar photovoltaic panels
  • Construct or retrofit buildings to a 5 star or higher NABERS energy or Green Star rating
  • Develop and implement a transport plan for fleet, public transport and active travel options
  • Develop and implement a sustainable procurement policy and action plan
  • Plant trees or revegetate to absorb carbon emissions
  • Buy carbon offsets for campus emissions
  • Apply the National Carbon Offset Standard to become carbon neutral

Community category

  • Encourage your staff and students to TAKE2
  • Tell other higher education institutions about your work to reduce carbon emissions
  • Tell other partners and networks about your work to reduce carbon emissions

Culture category

  • Set up an environment team to find ways reduce emissions
  • Give staff and students training and information to reduce emissions on campus and at home
  • Offer staff no interest loans, repayable through their salary, to buy energy efficient products and solar photovoltaic panels
  • Invest the savings from sustainability activities into greening your infrastructure

Download TAKE2 actions for higher education information sheet