Manage your TAKE2 profile

Create a profile page

Organisations pledging to TAKE2 can create a profile page to publicly share the great work you are doing to combat climate change. It can be used to share your pledge, the actions you’re taking, and any other programs you’re involved with. You can also update the page with images, details of climate change events, or other climate change stories.

Once you have made the TAKE2 pledge, you will receive an email from us, with the subject line ‘How to set up your TAKE2 account’. Open the email and click on the link to set up your profile page.

We’re happy to resend the email if you need.

Update my TAKE2 details

Login to your account.

Go to the top of the webpage and click on your name.

A drop-down menu will appear.

Select ‘My Details’ and make any changes.

You can also select ‘Change password’ from the same drop-down menu if you want to create a new password or have forgotten your password.

Take action

You can select as many climate change actions as you like. Even starting with one is great. If you’ve never considered how to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, start off with something simple and achievable, then gradually build up to some of the bigger actions. 

You can choose actions from all categories, a few or just one. Have a browse through all of them and see what inspires you or your organisation to get started.

One of the simpler, but bigger impact things you can do is to switch to renewable energy through your electricity provider. Most pledgers will select more.

The Victorian Government has set five-yearly interim emissions targets to help us along our way to the zero net emissions goal for 2050. This first interim target will be set for 30 June 2020. If you have a major action that you believe you won’t be completed until after that date, consider setting a smaller target for before 30 June 2020, to show you’re on the way to achieving your overall goal.