Energy Champions Challenge FAQs

Frequently asked questions

When does the challenge open and close?

It begins on April 17 2018 and closes 29 March 2019. Winners will be announced in May 2019.

The challenge compares electricity usage over a one year period: comparing electricity usage from January to December 2017 to January to December 2018.

Why join the challenge?

Schools can lead the way in addressing climate change and making a big difference to the planet. This is your chance to be a Champion on climate change action in your school and wider school community.

And your school could win up to $5000!

Need more reasons? Here are some reasons to join now…

  • It is an easy way to incorporate sustainability in to the school curriculum
  • It’s a taster of the ResourceSmart Schools program
  • You will be part of a group of schools across Victoria acting on climate change
  • You can save money on your electricity bills
  • You will have access to loads of tools and information on how to save energy
  • You can share your story with your community and other schools and inspire them to act too
  • It’s a great way to try out the ResourceSmart Schools program. You will be completing one of five modules by doing the energy challenge and will be on your way to being a certified sustainable school.
How does the challenge work?

The challenge is all about schools saving energy. And it’s easy to participate! You simply register with ResourceSmart Schools, then enter your electricity usage, which you find on your electricity bills for 2017 and then compare it to your usage for 2018 (as you receive each bill). Over the year, you will see how much energy you have saved.

To make it fair for schools of all sizes we have two prize categories. One awards prizes for the school that has the lowest electricity use, per student. We will divide the usage by the number of students so it doesn’t matter how big the school is. The second prize category is for the percentage of electricity usage saved. This also makes it fair because it doesn’t matter how big your school is. It’s all about doing the best you can for your school and your community.

How do I win?

Make every effort to save electricity! Check out our energy module action toolkit for some fantastic tips and ideas on how to save electricity. Or come up with your own ideas and challenges for your students. It can be as simple as turning off lights or as committed as getting solar panels for your school’s roof.

There are 18 prizes up for grabs so there are lots of opportunities to win.

You can win in two ways:

  1. by being the school who use the least amount of electricity per student: comparing your electricity usage between 2017 and 2018.
  2. By being the school who has the biggest percentage reduction in energy usage: comparing your electricity usage between 2017 and 2018.

See our prizes section for more information.

Who is eligible to participate in the challenge?

The Energy Champions challenge is open to all schools in Victoria who are registered with ResourceSmart Schools. This includes all primary and secondary schools, Catholic schools, Independent schools, private schools, school camps and special needs schools. To enter the challenge you must first register to be a ResourceSmart School.

What if I am already registered with ResourceSmart Schools?

Not a problem. You skip one step (the registration) and simply hit the ‘opt in’ button on your schools ResourceSmart Schools online home page.

Can you help me with ideas for activities?

Yes of course!

ResourceSmart Schools have an energy module action toolkit that provides tips and useful links on how your school can start to save energy.

Throughout the year, we will be posting inspiring stories of what other schools are doing, so make sure to check back on this website for more great ideas.

Can I get solar panels or batteries to help reduce my energy use?

You might like to contact your local council, energy provider or go online to search for grants to assist you reduce your electricity use.

Where can I find more information on the ResourceSmart Schools program?

There’s loads of great information on our website. Visit:

Who do I contact if I have other questions?

To contact us or our delivery partners, visit our contact page, email the schools team at or Contact us at Sustainability Victoria.