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Detox Your Home is a free service for householders to dispose of highly toxic, unwanted household chemicals.
This program is delivered by Sustainability Victoria in collaboration with local councils.

The next Detox Your Home Event is:

Event location: Daylesford Transfer Station,
Ajax Road, Daylesford, 3460

Date: 12/05/18

Time: 10am to 2pm

Additional Information: Registration is not required

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What can I drop off at a Detox event?

Before attending a Detox Your Home event it is important that you check which household chemicals are accepted.

Accepted items

  • acids and alkalis
  • aerosol cans (empty cans can be placed in your household recycling bin)
  • anti-freeze
  • brake fluid
  • car body filler
  • car wax
  • cleaners – ammonia based
  • cooking oil, not engine and motor oil
  • coolant
  • detergents,
  • disinfectants and drain cleaners
  • fertiliser
  • fire extinguishers
  • floor-care products and waxes
  • fuels – petrol, diesel, kerosene, other
  • glues – water-based and solvents
  • herbicides and weed killers
  • insect spray/pesticides
  • nail polish and remover
  • oven cleaner
  • paint stripper, thinner and turps
  • pool chemicals
  • rat poison
  • solvents
  • transmission fluid
  • wood preservatives and finishes (oils and varnishes)

Products you find around your home labelled with the following symbols will also be accepted:

Chemical symbols

See the full list of accepted and not accepted items

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Safe handling of chemicals

There are a number of safety precautions to observe when handling and transporting chemicals, including:

  • Travel with your car windows down if carrying flammable or odorous materials
  • Keep chemicals in their original containers. Ensure lids are tightly fitted
  • Protect taps on drums so that the tap does not break off
  • Place containers of liquids in a tray or plastic bucket so that they do not spill or fall
  • Pack powders and solids securely
  • Keep corrosive chemicals, such as battery acid, away from poisons
  • Keep oxidising agents, such as peroxide, away from all other materials
  • Double-wrap old liquid containers in plastic bags to prevent leaking.
No car?
If you don’t own a car you might like to organise a group drop-off with friends, families and neighbours. With one car, or better still a trailer, you can collectively dispose of toxic household chemicals, making your homes safer, keeping waterways cleaner and minimising environmental pollution.
Got a question? We're here to help! View the Detox Your Home FAQs or Contact us @ info@sustainability.vic.gov.au