Fund energy-saving projects for your business

There are a range of finance options that can help pay to upgrade to more energy efficient equipment or install renewable energy.

Often these finance options improve short-term cashflow.

Find funding for your energy-saving project

If you’ve had an energy audit or a quote for an energy-saving project, our tool can help you:

  • find a grant that's right for your project
  • calculate grant amounts and return on investment
  • identify energy finance options to help pay for the remaining outlay.

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Compare finance options for your energy-saving project


If you have an energy-saving project in mind, our step-by-step process can help you find a finance option tailored to your specific needs.

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Traditional finance

Traditional finance is typically provided by major banks and financiers who offer equipment finance such as loans or leasing agreements.

Innovative finance

Innovative finance often involves a third party but don’t always involve a bank or a financier. This type of financing can be more unique to your business, which often makes it more complex.

  • Energy Services Agreement: A service provider installs energy efficiency equipment for your business and you pay it back over time.
  • Environmental Upgrade Finance: A local council buys energy efficiency equipment for your business. You pay it back over time through council rates.
  • Power Purchase Agreement (behind the meter): ‘Behind the meter’ is a model of a Power Purchase Agreement where an energy provider installs renewable energy equipment on your business’ site. You then pay a predetermined rate of electricity over time.

We can help

If you’re looking to invest in energy efficiency or renewable energy, but need support through the finance process, we can help.

We offer a free finance service to all businesses, property owners, councils and community groups in Victoria.

We can:

  • find the right finance option for you
  • guide you through the application process
  • help build a business case.

Want to know more? Get in touch with:

Sustainability Victoria's finance team who can help you through this process.

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