Putting Victoria's mattress problem to bed

If all the mattresses dumped in Victoria’s tips every week were stacked on top of each other, they’d be 1,100 metres high – nearly twice the height of Mount Dandenong.

Laid end-to end they’d stretch 10 kilometres.

“Whichever way you look at it, that’s a lot of mattresses - and just one week,” Sustainability Victoria’s Chief Executive Stan Krpan said.

“Our ‘mattress mountain’ is putting pressure on landfills – taking up 170,000 cubic metres of space each year. Imagine a cube with sides of more than 55 metres !

“We’re losing vast quantities of reusable resources like metal, foam and other textiles which keeps them out of landfills.”

“Recovery and recycling end-of-life mattresses is an enormous opportunity to capture valuable materials and save space in landfills which we all pay for.”

Rescuing resources

Australia’s first automated mattress recycling plant in Melbourne’s west is now diverting approx. 100,000 mattress a year from landfill.

TIC Mattress Recycling, works with councils, hotels, hospitals and retailers and can recycle all of Victoria’s end-of-life mattresses.

Looking at opportunities elsewhere, TIC has already begun commissioning a new facility in NSW.

Partners helping the Victorian community

TIC Group Managing Director Michael Warren said there was no excuse for mattresses to end up in landfills.

“Councils, transfer stations, hospitals and hotels now have a dedicated team willing to collect and recycle this problem waste item.”

“Recycling mattresses is good for the environment, and our partnership with social enterprise, Soft Landing is creating jobs for people experiencing difficulty in finding employment.”

Soft Landing is an award-winning social enterprise run by not-for-profit organisation Resource Recovery Australia.

Soft Landing’s National Manager, Andrew Douglas said Soft Landing brought expertise in mattress collection and customer relations to the partnership.

“We will process the mattress bases and generate employment for people struggling to get a job,” he said