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Sustainability Victoria supports Victorians to be more sustainable in their everyday life; in our homes and our jobs; in our schools and communities and in the systems and infrastructure that support a thriving Victorian economy and lifestyle.

SV aims to improve the way Victoria manages its resources and help communities to take action on climate change.

Sustainability Victoria received new funding to support the development of new and improved waste and resource recovery infrastructure in both the 2016/17 and 2017/18 budgets. This includes:

  • $15.84 million for the Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund (Round 1: closed and awarded; Round 2: Regional is now open)
  • $16.5 million to support the e-waste ban to landfill (currently in-design phase)
  • $2 million for waste-to-energy using organic waste feedstocks (now closed)

In addition, Sustainability Victoria has developed a $1 million support fund for investment-ready social enterprises that create new jobs, respond to climate change and improve resource efficiency.

Current funding opportunities

Name Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund – Infrastructure Grants – Round 3
Potential Value Co-contribution

Grants between $40,000 and $500,000 for infrastructure development. 
Minimum co-contribution rates: $1:$1 (local government); $1:$2 (business)

Eligible Businesses

Will support the development of infrastructure across Victoria which improves the collection and processing of recycled materials. The program seeks innovative projects that will increase jobs in the resource recovery industry while also increasing the recovery of priority materials.


We are seeking projects which target organics, rigid and soft plastics, and e-waste as priority materials. Projects addressing the future resource recovery infrastructure opportunities identified in the Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plans will also be supported. Projects must be completed by 31 March 2021.

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Name Social Impact Investment for Sustainability
Potential Value Co-contribution

Investment-ready social enterprises can apply for up to $200,000 as a combination grant and low interest (2.5%) loan to scale up (expand) their operations.

Eligible Businesses

The Victorian Government is supporting investment-ready social enterprises to create new jobs and training opportunities, respond to climate change, avoid and recover waste and improve resource efficiency in the Victorian community.


The Social Impact Investment for Sustainability program is merit-based and involves two stages – an Expression of Interest (EOI), followed by a comprehensive financial assessment to be conducted by Foresters Group. The amount of funding allocated may be negotiated with successful applicants based on the applicant’s capacity to repay the loan.

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Name Recycling Industry Transition Support Grants
Potential Value Co-contribution

Grants between $50,000 and $500,000 for infrastructure development.
Minimum co-contribution rates: $1:$1

Eligible Businesses

Recovery and reprocessing operators are encouraged to apply, including those wholly or part-owned by local government authorities, not-for-profits and social enterprises.


To support investment in new and/or expanded plants, equipment and processes that improve the quality of reprocessing plastics, paper and cardboard (PPC) waste into product fit for reuse (“commercial grade”), and/or increase the volumes of PPC materials that can be managed and reprocessed.

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