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Sustainability Victoria offers a free finance facilitation service to all businesses, property owners, councils and community groups seeking to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

In collaboration with the Sustainable Melbourne Fund, we can assist businesses with Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF). An EUF is an agreement between a property owner, a bank and local government that helps tenants and building owners pay for energy efficiency building upgrades through their council rates.

The finance facilitation service is open to all Victorian businesses, not just those receiving support from a Sustainability Victoria grant.


Environmental Upgrade Finance

The Sustainable Finance service will identify EUF opportunities for Victorian businesses aiming to reduce their energy costs and increase productivity through their own upgrade projects or through initiatives such as our energy assessment grants program.

EUF can pay for upgrades that improve energy, water, and waste efficiency or increase renewable energy.

For information on environmental upgrade finance please visit This website provides information on how to apply for an environmental upgrade loan.

To access application forms and template Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) contract for councils which are currently facilitating EUF lending please follow this link.

Business and Environmental Upgrade Finance

Businesses can now take advantage of EUF loans to undertake energy efficiency and renewable energy actions, with the energy cost savings contributing towards loan repayments made via local government rates.

Hilustre Coatings is an example of a company that used SV funding to improve energy efficiency, this video also describes the types of projects that can be financed under an EUF and how Sustainable Melbourne Fund and Sustainability Victoria are working together to grow EUF lending through local government rates.

Your business case

The Sustainable Finance service will help you access the data, information and analysis expertise needed to assist you in developing your Environmental Upgrade Finance business case or accessing other financial products.

The service includes help with cash flow development, provides market intelligence of government subsidy schemes, potential financiers, technology suppliers and regulatory requirements.

Want to know more? Get in touch with:

Vivek Kotak

Sustainable Finance Lead

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