Lighting is responsible for a significant proportion of a business’s energy use and operating costs, accounting for around 10–25 per cent of the electricity bills for many businesses (and up to 50 per cent for some companies). The good news is that energy use associated with lighting systems can be reduced by up to 80 per cent through energy efficient lighting practices.

Switching to a more efficient lighting system such as LEDs can reduce your electricity bills while also reducing the need for costly maintenance and improving safety and conditions at your premises.

SV case studies

Find out how other businesses in your sector have approached lighting upgrades that have resulted in significant cost savings – check out Sustainability Victoria's range of case studies that highlight how businesses across sectors have improved their energy efficiency through initiatives such as lighting upgrades.

Useful resources

Sustainability Victoria’s Energy Efficiency Best Practice Guide to lighting is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to improving energy efficiency in lighting. This guide helps businesses determine the limitations of their existing systems and guides through the process towards finding the best solution in improving their existing system or designing a new system.

Australian Industry Group (AiGroup) has produced a series of excellent short videos on energy efficiency and optimisation for manufacturers which provide practical advice on reducing energy use and saving money. The ‘Lighting’ video is available online.

The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage’s Energy Efficient Lighting: Technology helps businesses select cost-effective upgrade options best suited to business, and provides guidance on how to proceed with implementing a lighting upgrade.

Energy Rating The training guide: The basics of efficient lighting introduces the basic concepts of light and lighting, and explores the key requirements of a lighting system and what standards need to be met. It also explains how good lighting design can contribute to sustainability and energy efficiency.

The Master Grocers Association has produced information and fact sheets for grocers and supermarkets on energy efficiency including lighting.