Efficiency by sector

Reduce materials and energy use and save thousands per annum using this set of sector based tips.

Close-up of a collection of wine bottles

Beverage, wineries and breweries

These tips can help beverage, wine and beer manufacturers save tens of thousands of dollars per year.

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Cold stores

Get tips on how cold storage operators can reduce energy use by up to 10 per cent, saving thousands of dollars per year.

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Dairy cows grazing in early morning sunlight

Dairy farming

A set of videos presenting simple tips, technologies and ideas for reducing energy use in dairies.

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A display of fresh fruit and vegetables at a market

Food processing

The cost of raw produce will be one of the biggest operating costs for food processors, while energy costs can average 15 per cent. Opportunities exist to reduce costs by 40 per cent or more.

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A roll of steel and heavy machinery in a factory

Manufacturing, general

Opportunities exist for manufacturers to reduce operating costs by up to 50 per cent by taking actions to reduce materials and energy use.

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Close-up of rows of green plastic containers being manufactured

Plastics and chemicals

Get tips on how plastics and chemicals manufacturers can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

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A couple of shoppers looking at a flat-screen television

Retail and supermarkets

These tips could help retailers and supermarkets reduce energy costs by up to 60 per cent.

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Piles of denim jeans at a clothing manufacturers

Textiles and fashion

Learn how to save energy and materials and understand the true cost of wasted materials in this Top Tips guide.

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