Boosting Business Productivity

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The Victorian Government assists businesses to reduce costs and boost productivity by improving their energy and materials efficiency, and reusing or avoid waste.

The $6.1 million Boosting Business Productivity program supports businesses to access expert advice and support needed to cut energy and materials costs, reduce greenhouse emissions, and improve energy productivity. The program includes grants for businesses, a sustainable finance service, and various training, events and information resources.

Other government energy programs that provide assistance to businesses can be found on the Business Victoria website.

Stacks of white plastic trays inside a cool room Refrigeration efficiency masterclasses

Save money and increase your business productivity. Sustainability Victoria is providing a free refrigeration masterclass series delivered by one of Australia’s leading refrigeration specialists. Refrigeration systems consume vast amounts of energy and it is important to ensure that your system is working correctly to keep your energy costs down. Equip your business with the knowledge and confidence to better manage your refrigeration systems.

Learn more about refrigeration efficiency masterclasses

Sustainable finance service

A free finance facilitation service available to all businesses, property owners, councils and community groups seeking to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

This service is available now.

Access the sustainable finance service

Energy efficiency knowledge and skills

A number of industry associations, business networks and registered training organisations (RTOs) have received Energy Efficiency Capability grants to develop energy efficiency knowledge and skills (capabilities) in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and service providers.

More information will be available soon about how businesses and service providers can participate in the funded projects.

Support for businesses to manage energy costs

The Victorian Government is committed to supporting businesses to grow and prosper. This includes providing support to help manage the risks and uncertainty of changes in gas and electricity prices.

Other government energy programs that provide assistance to businesses can be found on the Business Victoria website.

Visit the Business Victoria website