Energy efficiency tools

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Energy efficiency best practice guides

The Energy efficiency best practice guides have been developed by Sustainability Victoria to lead decision makers and service providers through changes that deliver best practice solutions to business.

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Energy saving checklists

Use these checklists to find energy saving opportunities to include in your energy management system plan. Consult staff for ideas and tell them about any changes to their areas before they are made.

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Using office equipment

Education is essential to help your staff understand how to use technology in a sustainable way. Include sustainable practices in staff induction, train staff how to use equipment and circulate regular reminders.

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Learn how to use transport more efficiently and save money.

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Cogeneration - Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) from businesses considering cogeneration projects, and is intended for small to mid-size cogeneration projects (<10MW electricity).

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Victorian Energy Upgrades

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program aims to make energy efficiency more affordable for Victorian businesses and households, helping them to reduce energy costs. The program offers discounts and special deals on selected energy-saving products and appliances. The bigger the greenhouse gas reduction, the more you can save.

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